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Blue-Jacking—No, Not That Kind of Jacking
Author Links Male Masterbation to Unsatisfying Sex
From unusual to outrageous in medicine
A pillar of respect for teens and their concerns
The best theater of 2006
Spring Awakening: Hello Twelve, Hello Thirteen, Hello Cutie
James West | b. 1951 The Disgraced Mayor
Looking back at a bizarre year
Verbal jousts 2
Child-sex accused allowed to teach
Circumcision reduces sexual satisfaction: study
Book Marks: Top 10 Fiction Titles, 2006
Lagon: Verbal jousts 2
Celebrity and tragedy in 2006
Sex, writing, sex, India, sex, family, sex ...
Social Network Users Have Ruined Their Privacy
He can't have an orgasm
Don't Be a Sucker for Seduction!
Real love is weird
BC Health Pays to Restore Man's Foreskin
He is far, far too quick
The rejection bin of history
‘Running’ tastelessly portrays Burroughs’ successful memoir
Raves for `Spring' on Broadway Haven't Ignited the Box Office
To Swap Or Not to Swap
Hoping for Good Sex in 2007
Talking to your kids about sex
Diocese finds it had reports on pedophile priest
ASK ADVICE CHICK: Answers to YOUR Dating...
Newies but Oldies
Retail Embodiment of Sartorial Perversion To Be Acquired By
Broadway ‘Awakening’
Couple indicted in sex assault case
HELSTAR Guitarist Talks About Classic 'Nosferatu' Album - Dec. 17
Ex-priest leaves his school post
Former priest retires as '05 inquiry is aired
If it quacks like a duck, it’s Gilbert Gottfried
Why the Conservative movement endorsed gays Q & A with Rabbi
Year of scandal and tragedy
The Choice to Search for Integrity
Storming Broadway From Atop a Fortress
A Few Devices I'm Testing
Pornography Plague
A raw and gripping 'Awakening'
Duncan Sheik's Sexy `Spring' Is Broadway's Future: (Update1)
Ex-surgeon general speaks about AIDS
Alien nations
Never mind the frolics
The Almanac: Today is Saturday, Dec. 9
Who’s afraid of the big, bad blues?
Manhattan Musician Gets Prison For Internet Sex
News of the Weird
Letters at 3AM
Carson High School paper pulled for second straight week
Muslim woman gives sex advice on Arab TV
Let's talk about sex, habibi!
Egyptian sexologist tackles age-old taboo
SoCal high school paper pulled over racy topics
Frankly, teens have much to say about sex
I was a loving godpa
Saturday. Eared grebe. Got married
Readers recommend: Songs about visual art and photography
Police raid five spas in prostitution sting
Art world backs 'child porn' curator
American Pie: The Naked Mile on DVD
Thrill blossoms
Voice lessons for writers
Age of simple desires
Polygamists Pawns in the Agenda to Dismantle the Family
When America learned to shop
Addicted to sex
In the market for the '50s
Ah, the exuberant 1950s
Weeding out the puritanical quacks and horny old goats
Porn in the pews - Churchmen wrestle with addiction
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Katie Holmes Thanksgiving Message
Giving Life and Vigor to Poetry
Lifelong lovin'
Mutilated Dolls and Pigskin - Dennis de Lange
Beyond the Bedroom
Kramer's New, Racist Material Not Exactly A Hit At The Laugh
The Sex Preacher
Comixpedia's List of 25 People in Webcomics for 2005
Going for a song
In Search of Sexual Healing, Circa 1891
Flocking and frolicking to Woodpigeon
For women, it's shopping; for men, it's competition
Out of the mouths of babes
Critic hopes “Running With Scissors” will trip and fall
Unhinged moms keep it real - & real funny
The Midterms: Our Long Conservative Nightmare is Fading, and
Clash of sexuality, religion weighs heavy
Sex'n'drugs? More wine'n'weights
Why does a married man visit prostitutes?
Founding chief laments decline of 'sex-obsessed' C4
Casket Salesmen - Sleeping Giants
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