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Male Masturbation
Masturbation in Adolescence - Part 2
Masturbation in Adolescence - Part 1
Teen Masturbation Articles
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anyone interested
Mastubate Party
Are there any females that like to be watched while they masturbate, or is it a private affair???
If I had to watch
How Often Do You Masterbate?
marriage an masturbation
i'm going right now
Masturbation is sex in the best way!!
How many females on this site?
Outdoors Masturbation
Why do girls masturbate less than boys?
Savage Love Web Extra
Already 'Halfway' gone
What's the point of bias intervention anyway?
Drawing out artist R. Crumb
"Socialism Is Love"- Hugo Chavez - 2007
Undercover officer offered various sex acts in exchange for money
‘Fame’ gets last-minute re-write job
Love, Lethem, Love
Movie review: ‘Reno 911: Miami’ criminally crass
For the uninitiated
Microthrills: True Stories from a Life of Small Highs
Lets Get Hurt
Reno an ill fit in Miami
Slippery slope when writers assume we're just like them
Sexual fantasies
The Politics of Male Circumcision in America
Five Serious Questions
Body Politik: Waking up to penetration
Named: 21 Catholic Colleges Still Performing Offensive Lesbian
Former medical technician sentenced to five more months
Advice Nerd
An uncommon cure for midterm stress
A Response to Underage Sex
Monologues bring vaginas, domestic abuse conversation to center stage
Self Help
What?!! This Column!??: Issue #46
Simple ten step quest for the holy grail
Play tries to make others aware of women's issues
The Hollywood Campaign
Reno 911!: Miami
Stand-up comedians leave standing room only in Rat
School pulls curtain on song in Fame production
A Garden of Earthly Delights
Marat/Sade: Cage Match
DVD Report
Due process? I think not.
'Crones' take the stage
The Wet Spots shoot for a good time at the High Noon... and score
Hidden in Plain Sight
The devil in young Adolf
Not your normal type of monologue
Driving Miss Lampanelli
Spend Valentine’s Day Loving Your Sexy Self
Phallic Phun
Peter Whitehead Was There
Colo. school system takes crucial step in sex ed
Penn & Teller - Bullshit - The Complete Fourth Season
Sexy top fives
Did you know?
Taking care of it myself
A 'Life Force' to reckon with
The path to abstinence
Breaking the culture of silence: Child sexual abuse in Zimbabwe
Syndicate this blog:
There’s more to sex awareness than the birds and the bees
TV on the Radio
Monica’s secret love
Hillary Finds Jesus (Jones)
SPCA wants Lolly's lolly
A cure for writer's block: emulating the greats
Climbing The (Demonic) Corporate Ladder The Castle in the Forest
Albums of the week
Crisis in teenage sex education
Help is at hand for youngsters, parents
An Interview With Freud Biographer Peter D. Kramer
'Spring' comes early for Jonathan Groff
Her mission: Kill the 'game'
Hey Now: It’s Garry Shandling’s Obsession
The Twist in the tale: Nduka Otiono speaks from Canada
'Reno 911: Miami'
"Gay Love Coach" Finishes What He Started:
When justice gets lost across the border
We say 'don't,' but they do
The Savage Animal 01.24.07: The Modern Female Rockers
Measure for Measure
LoveHoney.co.uk launches Tracey Cox sex toys range in time for red
Fiery former surgeon general to speak Monday in Denver
Human Rights Group Asks Attorney General To Intervene In Sexual
Theatrics on disc
Cannibal Campout
The Savage Animal 01.17.07: Rockstar Artists
My partner is actively engaging in webcam porn
Preventive detention warning for sex offender
Futile Vows of Celibacy
Thank you, Dr. Ruth
DIVA TALK: Chatting with Stephanie D'Abruzzo Plus Spring Awakening
John Piper's Remarkable Sermon
Morning File: The Great Automobile Name Game
Ofcom revokes licence of adult channel Look4Love
iPhone: Will It Really Rock Your World?
Musical `13,' Has Energy, Not Enough Sex: Los Angeles Theater
Comment: Sarah Carey: We need more sex, not detox
The Columbine High School Massacre Explained
The celebrity guide to detox: Pass out, check in, and dry out
Psychopathia Sexualis: Unrated Director's Cut
Taking federal matters into your own hands
Blue-Jacking—No, Not That Kind of Jacking
Author Links Male Masterbation to Unsatisfying Sex
From unusual to outrageous in medicine
A pillar of respect for teens and their concerns
The best theater of 2006
Spring Awakening: Hello Twelve, Hello Thirteen, Hello Cutie
James West | b. 1951 The Disgraced Mayor
Looking back at a bizarre year
Verbal jousts 2
Child-sex accused allowed to teach
Circumcision reduces sexual satisfaction: study
Book Marks: Top 10 Fiction Titles, 2006
Lagon: Verbal jousts 2
Celebrity and tragedy in 2006
Sex, writing, sex, India, sex, family, sex ...
Social Network Users Have Ruined Their Privacy
He can't have an orgasm
Don't Be a Sucker for Seduction!
Real love is weird
BC Health Pays to Restore Man's Foreskin
He is far, far too quick
The rejection bin of history
‘Running’ tastelessly portrays Burroughs’ successful memoir
Raves for `Spring' on Broadway Haven't Ignited the Box Office
To Swap Or Not to Swap
Hoping for Good Sex in 2007
Talking to your kids about sex
Diocese finds it had reports on pedophile priest
ASK ADVICE CHICK: Answers to YOUR Dating...
Newies but Oldies
Retail Embodiment of Sartorial Perversion To Be Acquired By
Broadway ‘Awakening’
Couple indicted in sex assault case
HELSTAR Guitarist Talks About Classic 'Nosferatu' Album - Dec. 17
Ex-priest leaves his school post
Former priest retires as '05 inquiry is aired
If it quacks like a duck, it’s Gilbert Gottfried
Why the Conservative movement endorsed gays Q & A with Rabbi
Year of scandal and tragedy
The Choice to Search for Integrity
Storming Broadway From Atop a Fortress
A Few Devices I'm Testing
Pornography Plague
A raw and gripping 'Awakening'
Duncan Sheik's Sexy `Spring' Is Broadway's Future: (Update1)
Ex-surgeon general speaks about AIDS
Alien nations
Never mind the frolics
The Almanac: Today is Saturday, Dec. 9
Who’s afraid of the big, bad blues?
Manhattan Musician Gets Prison For Internet Sex
News of the Weird
Letters at 3AM
Carson High School paper pulled for second straight week
Muslim woman gives sex advice on Arab TV
Let's talk about sex, habibi!
Egyptian sexologist tackles age-old taboo
SoCal high school paper pulled over racy topics
Frankly, teens have much to say about sex
I was a loving godpa
Saturday. Eared grebe. Got married
Readers recommend: Songs about visual art and photography
Police raid five spas in prostitution sting
Art world backs 'child porn' curator
American Pie: The Naked Mile on DVD
Thrill blossoms
Voice lessons for writers
Age of simple desires
Polygamists Pawns in the Agenda to Dismantle the Family
When America learned to shop
Addicted to sex
In the market for the '50s
Ah, the exuberant 1950s
Weeding out the puritanical quacks and horny old goats
Porn in the pews - Churchmen wrestle with addiction
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Katie Holmes Thanksgiving Message
Giving Life and Vigor to Poetry
Lifelong lovin'
Mutilated Dolls and Pigskin - Dennis de Lange
Beyond the Bedroom
Kramer's New, Racist Material Not Exactly A Hit At The Laugh
The Sex Preacher
Comixpedia's List of 25 People in Webcomics for 2005
Going for a song
In Search of Sexual Healing, Circa 1891
Flocking and frolicking to Woodpigeon
For women, it's shopping; for men, it's competition
Out of the mouths of babes
Critic hopes “Running With Scissors” will trip and fall
Unhinged moms keep it real - & real funny
The Midterms: Our Long Conservative Nightmare is Fading, and
Clash of sexuality, religion weighs heavy
Sex'n'drugs? More wine'n'weights
Why does a married man visit prostitutes?
Founding chief laments decline of 'sex-obsessed' C4
Casket Salesmen - Sleeping Giants
Stephen Elliott: Advice For My Little Brother
Different strokes for different folks
Advice For My Little Brother
British TV must be saved for the nation
Agony and ecstasy: sex advice
'Borat': great success
Priest forgiven, boy forgotten after sex abuse
The Evens Get Evens
The great ‘chalking controversy’ controversy 2006
House campaign against Miller may be his last one, Robinson says
Go ahead, do something good for yourself
Knitting a Revolution
Buzz on handy gPod a poison apple for US giant
Utility Is for Philistines
Lee is complete package
Lee is the complete package
Sex toys and you
Editorial: Could anyone defend this year's attack ads?
MSNBC's Shuster made no distinction between true and misleading
AlterNetYour turn
Lifelong Christian GOP Columnist Quits GOP Because of Sen. Allen's
Laughing and Cringing at Uncomfortable Satire
Axle axed for ARIA award night flash
Scandal Over Substance
Over-exposed Axle quits
Photo: Sun News Publishing
Foley Is a Sexual Harasser, Not a Child Molester
Axle Whitehead exposes himself at ARIAs
Axle Whitehead exposes himself
Better to have love than...
Guardian Unlimited Web
How Jesus Endorsed Bush's Invasion of Iraq
Ten days to the elections, and the mud's flying fast
Sex Can Wait...Masturbate
Tori Amos: 'Now I can open my eyes'
Dancing with the Stars: Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun
Sheer, Crosshatching Pleasure
Need for sex education programmes - broadcaster
No Excuses: Justin Raimondo
Want to kick the gay habit? Stop being so sarcastic!
The Radiators: A Faith-Based New Orleans Pagan Rock Band
Novels too graphic for some
This term, we will be studying Zadie Smith
Mansion of the Living Dead
Anti-Fraud Laws Help Republicans Win
Alternative Smut for the Silver Screen
Foley's follies catch up
The "elusive" female orgasm
South Dakota's Abortion Ban Showdown
Mass. family settles with Sony over 'Scissors'
Plenty of vacancies
Shows that deliver the goods
Sex talk dominates NC election debate
Accord coming on radio content issue
SSFC squanders student funding
Of singles and sexuality
The comedy of coffee (really)
The Late Great Helmsman, Part II
NC Roundup: Bad Press at a Bad Time for GOP’s Taylor
Daily News shows its colors: yellow
The Late, Great Helmsman
Losing Louie
This ad is rated 'C' for controversial
Nigeria's last virgins!
Tupperware parties with a twist
Cormac McCarthy's new masterpiece.
Finally! A Game That Deserves Villification
Weekly Review
Robinson assails Miller in calls, ads
Mother of Autistic Child Decides His Happiness Might Be Enough
Jeremy Warmsley - The Art of Fiction
The Discomfort Zone by Jonathan Franzen
Attention deficit
Crashed car and paparazzi pics in Diana shrine as bad boy of
Sex and Relationships: No sex please... We're celibate
dms says criticisms political
Actors cannot shy away from homosexuality: Rahul Bose
Ex-Aide To Foley Warned Hastert Office In 2003
Aide: I told Hastert staff about Foley 3 years ago
Hastert says he won't resign
I was abused, Foley says
Candidates, parties shave corners on the facts in negative ads
A bird’s-eye view of eccentricity
Top Republicans accused of cover-up over sex scandal
Republican quits over sex chats
DVD Review: Ace Ventura Deluxe Double Feature
Mark Foley's One Sick Pup
The Daily Show: September 28, 2006
Word on the street at SF’s fetish festival
Jury Finds Bobo Guilty
Jim Walsh: Better than a quick talk on the edge of the couch
Counter Intel
An electric event at RISD
Kinsey Confidential
Recent Jehovah Witness Murders, Cause and Effect
Anti-gay speakers ignite volatile crowd on Diag
Know Your Enemy: Newspaper Columnists
Why do guys get sleepy after sex?
Psychiatrist groomed teen clients for sex
A shrewd and ruthless pope
Stimulate Your Sensations with Sex
Police briefs: Dirty doctor; escaped tiger
Jewish Sex Sites Answer Pornography
Opinions: Break away from unfair sexual standards
To Rob a Predator
Mood Music
No Strings Attached
Editorial Opinion
The meaning of free speech
Margarida gets a good grade
Om- la-la!
The networks save their best for first
The yahoo generation and the triple tropes of sleaze (3)
Please Put Your Sexuality Back Inside the Box
tyranny of the female orgasm
The bedside Rabbit is our new best friend
She’s so unusually cool
`Destricted,' `Sanchez' Exploit Sex; Quiet `Allegro': UK Film
Prison Guard Allowed To Sue Over Inmate Harassment
The Dating Revolution: A social experiment in chivalry
At 22, she graduates from college columnist to author with some
Josef von Sternberg
Design awards' limp stance leaves adult aid manufacturer with lump
Chinese radio show gives advice on sex
In China, Delicately Testing the Taboo on Talking About Sex
Fear-Based Sex Education
Evaluation of Polygyny (Polygamy) & Female Circumcision
A funny business: How Borat conquered America
'Ohio' film's equivalent
Two Hander
Comedic magician takes aim at pretenses
A blunt voice will air it out
This Film Is Not Yet Rated (18)
Little Miss Sunshine
Review: Idiocracy
The Bedroom Secrets of the Master Chefs
The Discomfort Zone A Personal History
The blue badge of verbiage
Shock tactics brilliantly deployed
We could use some peace from The Quiet
Growing the teens too fast
Short Subjectives
This Review has been Approved for Mature Audiences Only
Investigative journalists aim to make a difference
Cause and effect: Mexico gets serious about fighting teen
Xbox 360 Review: Dead Rising
Feds bust Wharton prof on child-porn charges
Leeds Festival , Bramham Park, Leeds
Genital Integrity Group Petitions Gates Foundation to Reconsider
New book argues that female brain is wired to nurture
Amateur videos make parents uneasy
Violent Femmes concert is Monday, Aug. 28
Yoga has many fringe benefits
Roasting the Final Frontier
Hi Yo, you got to go!
Gays want voice in Nepal’s new constitution
Maybe we are different
Paper Tiger
Circumcision: Fact, Fiction and Hype
Review: Dave Chappelle live in TO
Fearless and funny
How Jonathan Franzen Learned To Stop Worrying (Sort Of)
Masturbation: Flying solo
Giving genocide a bad name
God is my Sex Toy Co-Pilot
Modern Love: Mortality can be a powerful aphrodisiac
The Pee-Wee Herman Show: Live From The Sunset Strip's Roxy Theatre
Risque but cute comedy boasts an engaging cast
Dying for pleasure
Guenter Grass book describes Nazi childhood in detail
Search warrant issued in child molestation case
Remainders: Homeland Security Secretary Henry Rollins
Circumcision and HIV
Scritti Politti, Tate Britain, London Betty Curse, Barfly, London
The Oh in Ohio
Zero tolerance for child pornography predators
'Sex was my way of coping with death'
Poisonblack Talk About New Album
The English degenerate
Child rape case goes to jury
the MySpace director
His kids are alright
Perhaps Zoo and Nuts do belong on the top shelf. But then so do
Copy of report from state investigation of William Christoffel
Hard choices handing out the hardware
Fun...or freaky?
INTERVIEW: Spotlighters SISSIES Speak Some More! (Part II)
Shock rock from Madonna tour
Shock rock from Madonna
Stepping in Time: The Righteously Outrageous Twirling Corps
Savage Love
Tease or sleaze?
MTRCB reprimands GMA 7, ABS-CBN and F channel
A spicy season
At Large : A doomed flight and a sex pioneer
Testimony made public in lewdness indictment
Exterminating Angels (Les Anges Exterminateurs)
Frameline, looking good for 30
PM claims five-knuckle shuffle, not wedlock, helps secure grip on
What I Don't Get About Gay Marriage
Inexpensive remedies do exist for women who want to become
Celebrate summer, couch potatoes
Topic: Discrimination against Gays and Lesbians (Read 564 times)
Police Blotter: Ex-cops sue over Net-sex video
HBO banks on the boys with a trio of comedies
Lucky Louie
AUA 2006 - Session on the History of Urology
Uncharted Waters
Sex researcher back with book
Catholic speakers weigh in on conception
Going, going, gone
How to cope when your partner is a lover and a fighter
Get shorty
Rejoice! Masturbation, coffee and alcohol are good for you
Madonna Entertains Like a Veteran
Salt Sex City
Masturbation as safe sex
Masturbation and Solitude
Decades later, Hite reports back
Surrealism: revolutionary or ridiculous?
How to characterize doctrine
Arab women, in their own voices
Reproductive Health Bill, Have We Seen the End?
Time to break the news to your children
Kristy Kay gives funky twist to popular ’90s hit
If the Door Creaks, Don't Go In
Textual Intercourse
Jeremy Spoken
A Quest Called Tribe
Catholics, Condoms, and Martial Sex
ESRB Re-Designates Game From "Nerdy" to "Socially Retarded"
Time for that talk
Pornography becomes more socially accepted
Philip Roth's arguments with life
Cave paintings show aspects of sex beyond the reproductive
American Dreamz' Director Claims He's No Michael Moore
Book Review: Quiet Rumors: An Anarcha-Feminist Reader
Berlin - Terri Nunn
Family Filmgoer: Watching With Kids in Mind
Read this book and die alone
Older Women Report Satisfying Sex Lives
Shere Hite: On female sexuality in the 21st century
Real life, recorded
The Wednesday Hump: Use Your Own Hands
The business of Opus Dei
Regina Lynn Is All Woman
Satisfying Sex Not Just for the Young
The faith divide
Censorship Central
Opus Dei, Vilified in `Da Vinci Code,' Runs Global MBA Schools
Don’t censor me, please
Raunchy 'Friends' writers' talk ruled not sex harassment
Agony and ecstacy: sex advice
Nipples and Chocolate Sauce
Calif. high court rules offensive language is not sexual
Inappropriate Music At Loftis Middle School
The Unassuming Icon
A critical look at male circumcision
Langston U. Department Chair Charged With Off-Campus Lewdness
Making a CHOICE
Are women human?
Make Erectile Dysfunction History
Male judges, female bodies
Porn restrictions aim 'to protect children'
Sigmund Freud's 150th Birthday: Funny Freud Merchandise
Groovin' on a Sunday Afternoon
Dignity in defeat from Hibs fans wins respect
The cover image of the book ``Sister’s Room: The Place Where I
Horning lecture takes on impotence
American Education: Teachers On The Make?
» The Fourth Toon Teller Rides Into The Sunset?
Circumcision: Did you know?
1986 - oh, what a year
Landover Baptist Mail Received March 2002 (unedited and in
'Bedford' more dramatic off-screen
Footie, Finchy and Freddy Krueger with no knickers
Why A Stud Ranch For Women Won’t Work
MIKE DUFFY: 'Bedford Diaries' is bad drama
From boy to man
Comment: Assigned reading can distort values
The Last Friend
Re: Homosexual Alliance to Attack Marriage
Sex and pulpits: It all sounds like a bad idea
A powerful gathering for women
Women tell EEOC Federal Mint is hostile workplace
Cradle Of Filth: Studio Update
Trials and tribulations of sex in print
A Miscarriage of Justice
FCC's Full Frontal Assault Assault on TV
Revenge of the radical loser
"Oh" dear: sex comedy goes limp
Windsor alcohol licenses renewed despite code violations
Celebrating the Core of Womanhood
REVIEW: TU’s Cloud 9: Production 10, Play 3
The Spring Break Guide to World Art
An open letter to the state of Mississippi.
Pick your pleasure
MOSAIC Talks Sex and Gender Issues
Monologues deal with controversial subjects
Sex acts prompt proposal, but ACLU fears it endangers privacy
The Power of Aural Sex
Cameras would keep eye on behavior in Metro Parks
The Marquis de Sade: The Left’s Man of Diverse ‘Sexual
Marquis de Sade: Left's Apostle, & Man of Diverse 'Sexual
The Marquis de Sade: Left’s Apostle and Man of Diverse ‘Sexual
The Marquis de Sade: Left's Apostle and Man of Diverse 'Sexual
Bedtime stories
Picturing the wilder side of life
Comic Review: Cocopiazo #1-4
Women’s rights at SU:
Love Bites
Sex 4 times more pleasurable than masturbation
Memoirs of a reject sperm donor
Nigerian archbishop of bigotry?
Ask the sexpert
Princeton Tilts Right
US's foreign policy plagued by an incorrect ideology
Wo/Men's Center Presents "Vagina Monologues"
Sex four times more pleasurable than masturbation
The Boston Globe: Pimping for 'gays'
Kankara’s Freudian masturbation of womanhood...a review
Porn star clashes with feminist
Band at Venue
Study of Orgasm Shows Surprising Link
Bringing sexual addiction out of the shadows
Sex with a partner is 400% better
Guilty of enjoying wild fantasies
Secret Sex
Sex leaves the smut behind
Most teenage boys with cancer can bank sperm
Self Lovin': Taking Matters Into Your Own Hand
Official defends sex-act tactic
Zeus corner
Pushing the envelope
Catholic bishop criticizes 'Vagina Monologues' at Notre Dame
$500 million for what?
Conservative Student Backlash
Free Lonnie Latham!
Latino radio sex talk has listeners vibrando
New Abu Ghraib abuse images aired
Berlin fest warms up after another cold start
Britain's first great schlock artist
A pro-con take on abstinence-only education: a detailed analysis
Catholic Groups Protest Church Schools Supporting V-Monologues
Booze bravery can lead to a limp show
Forget XXX—It’s All About AA
Learn how to fantasise
The Fourth Toon Teller Rides Into the Sunset
The XXX Files
Lucky Number Slevin - puerile dreck
Confessions of a Masturbation Addict
Let’s Talk About Lubes, Baby
Why I don’t take feminists seriously, Part VII
The Andersen Project, Barbican, London
Why I don’t take feminists seriously, Part IV
Stupid Questions
ACLU aids pastor caught in gay sex sting
Candye Kane: Turning controversy into opportunity
The Well-Connected Molester
Get a mirror and know thyself, inside and out
Sexual ties that do not bind
'Monologues' Threatens GU's Catholic Identity
Book Review: A Piece of Cake: Recipes for Female Sexual Pleasure
See me, feel me, touch me
Gay cruise passengers: Welcome to you also!
Mike Goodridge in Park City
Fall term female only clinic fuels new senate bill
Dir. Kirby Dick. US. 2005. 100mins
HIV and AIDS have not gone away
Carol Smillie: Why I'm happy to say the C-word on stage - but I
Sex matters with Dr Thomas Stuttaford and Suzi Godson
In Defense of Pleasure
Narcissism at a Glance
Online readers share their experiences of sexual harassment
“Youth is not a problem, youth is a solution
Incitatus for Senate
Choreographer Julia Sasso knows a lot is riding on The Betrayal
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