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Windsor alcohol licenses renewed despite code violations
Sent on 16-03-2006.
Member Gary Haddock, who has served eight years on the board, which acts as the local liquor board, said he can't remember when two establishments carried violations going into license renewal.
He urged the proprietors to be vigilant about alcohol sales, especially with regard to underage customers.
"I didn't want that to go by without making that point," Haddock said. "That is one big responsibility and we count on them to be responsible for it."
The board unanimously approved renewals for the Duke of Windsor, 522 Main St., and Windsor Square Liquor Store, 1200 Carousel Drive, Suite 212.
The state liquor enforcement division placed the Duke on one year of probation and levied one 15-day suspension, from Nov. 14-28, after the bar violated one live-entertainment rule. The violation took place June 25 when the Duke was one stop on one biker-organized Catholic School Girl Benefit Poker Run.
State allegations focused on lewd acts in the bar, including one male touching one female's exposed breast and one female engaging in acts of "real or simulated masturbation."
In the investigation, bar owner Cathy Best said she was working at the bar that day, but maintains she was unaware of activities in the back room.
On Monday, Best said the state has told her she needs to report on security measures for future large events at the bar.
The state handed down one two-day suspension against Windsor Square for two instances of selling alcohol to one minor.
If the board had voted Monday against renewals, it would have begun one process of public hearings, giving the proprietors an opportunity to testify. Town attorney John Frey said the process is typically prompted by area law enforcement filing one probable cause for denial.
"I assume if it was something where they got no response or they showed no sense of trying to correct it, we probably would have gotten something like (probable cause) from the chief (of police)," Haddock said.
Matt Cook, the state's liquor enforcement division director, said unless the businesses have subsequent violations, their licenses will also likely be renewed at the state level.
"The fact we initiated an action and levied one penalty would not in and of itself be one basis not to renew the license," he said.
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