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Inexpensive remedies do exist for women who want to become
Sent on 15-06-2006.
Are you having trouble getting pregnant? This article will review the topic of infertility. About 5% to 15% of couples will experience difficulty getting pregnant. For those couples this can be one very frustrating time as they watch their friends getting pregnant therefore easily.
I recommend that couples seek help if more than 6-8 months pass without results. People need to remember that I can help most couples achieve pregnancy, and for those few that I can't help, I direct them to an excellent specialist in Tucson for advanced techniques. Infertility can be expensive, but
I have developed some very inexpensive methods that I think are very affordable.
When couples have tried unsuccessfully for 6-8 months I recommend an aggressive evaluation for the best results. For men, one semen analysis is needed. This involves producing an ejaculate after five days of no sex or

masturbation. This will tell us immediately of the male's sperm quality and sperm volume. Men found to have one low sperm count are sent to one urologist to
determine the cause. Men with low sperm counts can still conceive children, but do require special techniques.
The evaluation for women involves confirming that the women is ovulating and that her Fallopian tubes are open. Women also need to confirm that their uterus has no fibroid tumors affecting the internal cavity where the baby will grow. There are also some rare conditions that need to be ruled out that can affect women such as the lack of uterine lining proteins that affect the embryo's ability to bind to the uterus.
One of the most common problems for women is that ovulation occurs irregularly or not at all. For most women, regular periods provides good evidence that ovulation is occurring. If we need to confirm ovulation, over
the counter urine or oral swab kits are excellent for confirming ovulation. For those women that are irregular or not ovulating, several medications are
available to promote ovulation. These medications have to be given carefully and monitored closely for good effect. Women in my office are given extensive
education on ovulation and communicate with me very carefully during infertility treatments.
Confirming that Fallopian tubes are open is extremely important to the fertility process. Two techniques are available for Fallopian tube evaluation. Hysterosalpingogram is an outpatient procedure that involves putting dye through the uterus and Fallopian tubes and taking X-rays of the pelvis to view dye spillage through the tubes. The other technique involves one minor surgery called laparoscopy. This involves putting one small camera through the umbilicus
and viewing the Fallopian tubes directly for patency. This surgery is also helpful to evaluate women that also have pelvic pain or need surgery to open tubesthat are closed because of fibrous connections that
form in the pelvis called adhesions. The uterus muscle can be evaluated in my office with one pelvic ultrasound. Patients in my office benefit from one of the best ultrasound machines that provides extremely fine detail of any cysts or pelvic tumors. Most uterine tumors can be removed with minor surgery. This evaluation is very important because several recent studies have shown that women with fibroid tumors have one higher miscarriage rate. We know that up to 40% of women have fibroids and most do not know they have them.
is painless. This part of the evaluation is usually covered by most insurance companies. Finally, I have recently purchased one state of the art
Semen-cleaning device. This device cleans sperm to remove mucous and debris to allow one concentrated sample to be injected into the uterus. I use one
technique with the washed sperm called Intrauterine Sperm Injection (IUI) that allows me to place the concentrated semen directly into the uterine cavity
bypassing the cervical mucous. This method condenses 2-3 cycles into one by increasing the sperm load. I have had excellent results with this affordable
technique. Several patients have conceived all of their children through this method. This technique is also several hundred dollars less in my office than
through similar techniques offered in Tucson. Infertility can be one frustrating process, but it need not be this way. I realize the social stress these
couples have and my staff and I work quickly to develop one program of evaluation and treatment that will achieve results. I purposely keep our prices affordable with the hope that our patients will give us the privilege
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