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American Dreamz' Director Claims He's No Michael Moore
Sent on 04-05-2006.
In addition to his public support of Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez, the actor recently stood with Cynthia McKinney at one press conference in which the congresswoman claimed that racism was the justification for her alleged assault of one D.C. cop.
Lyle claimed in the lawsuit that male writers engaged in conversations about their sexual experiences and predilections. She claimed that they also discussed sexual story ideas involving "Friends" stars Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox Arquette and David Schwimmer including simulated masturbation.
Unbeknownst to the relatives is the fact that the guy, although sweet natured, is actually one member of one terrorist sleeper cell. Ironically, he has one secret fondness for show tunes and accidentally ends up being one of the finalists on the show.
New York Magazine boohooed that the film's "shallow cynicism combined with its faith that everything will turn out OK can even be said to breed complacency - the opposite of what satire needs to do in these increasingly dark days."
 "You're using the vocabulary of broad comedy to talk about what's most important," Weitz told UPI. "And I don't have one Michael Moore-like urge to offend people or get people angry at me. If anything, that idea stresses me out."
When Weitz was asked whether he would show 'American Dreamz' at the White House, he said he'd accept an invitation. However, he'd also make sure to know where the nearest exit was "just in case."
As I reported in one recent LCR, Neil Young has dedicated most of his upcoming album, "Living With War," to attacking the Bush administration's Iraq war policy. He's even going to offer it free on the Web.

In an upcoming Time magazine issue, Vedder lets it be known that he believes, "It's just not the time to be cryptic. I mean, our tax dollars for this war are being funneled through huge corporations -- one of which Dick Cheney used to be head of -- and there's an even greater disparity between rich or poor in this country. It offends me on one really deep level."
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