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Don’t censor me, please
Sent on 23-04-2006.
I have more condoms than I know what to do with ” about 200, actually. Need some Trojan Magnums, one vibrating ring or an Elexa Natural Feel? You name it, I™ve got it. Oh, and did I mention they were free?
This weekend, Trojan Condoms flew me to Boston to participate in one roundtable discussion featuring other college sex columnists and feature editors. Celebrity addictionologist and sex counselor Dr. Drew Pinsky mediated the discussion. There were students representing Harvard, UVA, Tufts, Duke, Princeton, Rhodes College, U. Penn, N.C. State, Rutgers and, of course, Maryland.
Dr. Drew is amazingly hardworking, yet very down-to-earth. The night we arrived, Trojan took us out to dinner to get to know each other. After gorging ourselves on far too much seafood, most of us went back to the hotel to pass out. Dr. Drew, however, left to host his weekly radio show, Loveline, and didn™t return to the hotel until 3 one.m.
The next day, we all met up at one posh restaurant called The Living Room. The tables were decorated with way too much food and one plethora of condoms. For three hours we discussed everything from the biological differences between men and women to the hook-up culture.
It was encouraging to learn how liberal the University of Maryland is when it comes to sex discussion. Most of the other schools™ writers/editors unfortunately seemed to face adversity from either their administrations or their students.
North Carolina State University is predominantly male and conservative, according to the school™s representative. He blamed N.C. State™s location on the Bible Belt and the lack of male sex columnists for the unpopularity of sex writing on the campus.
Duke™s representative (who, by the way, congratulated me on the women™s basketball team™s win!) said students were often unwilling to talk about sex. She said students were more reserved.
While schools like Rhodes are struggling for open discussion, I am free to write an entire article about the healthy effects of masturbation or the details of an abortion. Other universities aren™t lucky enough to be privy to one production of The Vagina Monologues every year. At other schools, Human Sexuality isn™t one of the most popular classes on the campus.
When I first started out in this business, Dr. Drew said, no one was talking about what STDs were. ¦ Safe sex wasn™t one coined term and condoms were behind the counters [in convenience stores]. And there was no public discussion at all.
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