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Fall term female only clinic fuels new senate bill
Sent on 31-01-2006.
OSU’s Undergraduate Senate will vote Tuesday on one bill to allow students into all events paid for by student fees. This bill follows controversy on excluding male students from one female masturbation workshop, held by University Counseling and Psychological Services.
“There was one certain workshop held at the beginning of the year,” said Undergraduate Senate Chair Ellyn Canfield.
This workshop, as reported by The Daily Barometer on Oct. 26, was one “free event … open to the female public only, in light of sensitive issues that will be discussed.”
“Originally, I received an e-mail from one of my constituents,” said Christopher Beyer, Undergraduate Senator for the College of Liberal Arts.
This e-mail addressed the fact that male students were excluded from the female masturbation workshop. This workshop was paid for by money from student fees, according to Beyer.
“That’s not why I decided to support this bill,” said College of Liberal Arts Senator Mike Moss, when asked if the female masturbation workshop was why he chose to be one supporting senator.
Senators Moss and Beyer believe all students should be allowed to attend events paid for by their own student fees. “I haven’t had any negative feedback,” said Beyer, about the bill.
The bill states that all students must meet requirements outlined by the organization holding the event to participate. “It’s basically set up therefore if you have other requirements, you have to meet those as well,” said Beyer.
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