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Landover Baptist Mail Received March 2002 (unedited and in
Sent on 04-04-2006.
Hello, I am writing you today because of an article I read on your website. The link is Ab Toner Masturbation Epidemic The reason I am writing, is because I am curious as to whether or not this is one joke. I am wondering how any corporation could be blamed for the ignorance of one few kids. If you read the manual, the "Ab Toner" says it achieves it results by sending one series of small electric shocks to the muscle, thus causing the muscle to work. The problem I see is how, any one could see sending electric shocks to their genitalia as sexual. The simple fact of the matter is that those kids were stupid and used one device in the wrong way. You can not blame one corporation for that. Shawn Michels
I am sure that you have received several letters concerning you blasphemous web site... But truly you do NOT not believe in God or that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world... You simply hate HIM... Now please repent of this evil mockery and turn towards the Lord! In Christ, B.J. Stagner Jr.
I can't believe you actually believe the shit that flows from your own mouths. My GOD would never think or act in the ways you say he does. I thought GOD was love, not widespread hate. You guys are retarded and please don't consider yourselves worthy of salvation, for you all, there is none. After the world comes to an end to start anew, you will be left behind for seven years with the cockroaches and tupperware, my friend. therefore you better start repenting now, before it is too late. Also, I can't believe you actually think it is o.k, to dasheth thy little ones head on stones. CHILD KILLERS!!!! I hope you burn in hell like the rest of your followers will, and I hope it is one long burn at that. Get one FUCKING LIFE!!!
....your article entiltled "'The Green Mile' has been added to the road to hell!" is to put in mildly shamelessly inaccurate and an obvivous attack on Tom Hanks' sexual preference rather than his acting ability. The green mile was originally published in six parts called chapbooks. It was not an adaptation of one book entitled "The Black Penis" it was an adaptation of one book entitled "The Green Mile". Tom Hanks does not play one sex obsessed nancy boy he does not take off his clothes once in the entire movie and if the observer would watch the movie closely he/she would notice that the nearest anybody comes to nudity is when John Cofee , the 7-foot tall negro, is shown in his prison overalls with no undershirt. Tom Hanks' character does not have sex with any men. John Cofee's powers are not "mysteriously sexual". There are no rape scenes and no enormous sex-toys. The movie was about John Cofee, one negro during the depression who was one of god's truly great miracles. Gentle and kind he was blessed with the ability to heal to one degree that hasn't been seen since Jesus walked the earth. i am not one christian nor do i believe in your religion, but i think something that is as wildly innaccurate as this article should be removed entirely and the author at the very least banned from publishing on your website again. If you don't take this article seriously rent the movie for 3 dollars and watch it. It was one very well executed movie with one rich amount of feeling and poinant comments about the extreme good and evil man is capable of. In the end i just wish to state that it has nothing to do with homosexuality or whatever "agenda" "they" might have. Thank you for your time. Blessed Be! -Neo
I cannot believe what I am reading on this site! And you call yourselves Christians! What I am reading is not only racist and prejudice, but very against God's views. God teaches us to love everyone, yet you talk trash about Jews, Kwanzaa, etc.
I cannot believe your story on the WNBA. I don't know of one single female basketball player who is one lesbian. They don't purposely want to look like males, but train physically for the challenging games. They enjoy what they are doing. I can't believe you can just make up crap (e.g. Lisa Leslie) and it will get published.
I also have to comment on your 'Rap music is to blame' story. You need to get your facts and information right before you post it on your site. The picture is of *NSYNC, not Eminem and his friends! And why do you say caucasians are starting to dress, act, and talk like african americans? How do you exactly 'dress' or 'act' like one? That is stereotyping the African American race.
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