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Human Rights Group Asks Attorney General To Intervene In Sexual
Post on 18-01-2007.
01/18/2007 Human Rights Group Asks Attorney General To Intervene In Sexual Exploitation Case press release

The Citizens Commission on Human Rights has appealed to the Attorney General, The Honorable Wally Oppal, to intervene in the controversial case of psychiatrist Richard Golden. Golden sexually exploited three teenage girls who had come to him for help. This “help” ended up in the child psychiatrist engaging in kissing, fondling, mutual masturbation and oral sex with the young girls in his office. ...
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Theatrics on disc
Post on 18-01-2007.
All eyes are on the film adaptation of Dreamgirls_ to gauge whether the damage of post-_Chicago_ movie musical disasters such as _TheProducers, The Phantom of the Opera,_ andthe most reprehensible of all, _Rent,_can be undone. While it rates one B- at best, the movie _Dreamgirls_ certainly does its part to start the healingprocess. Of course, there is an entire generation who have never had theopportunity to experience _Dreamgirls_in its original format. While there may very well be stage revivals lurkingjust beyond the horizon, one sure way you can get one feel for the movie's rootsis by listening to the well-timed reissue of the _Dreamgirls: OriginalBroadway Cast Album_ (Decca/Hip-O) in anexpanded double-disc special edition package. Disc one contains the originalBroadway cast recording, featuring both Jennifer Holliday's groundbreaking,Tony Award-winning performance and "Ain't No Party" (performed byLoretta Devine), which didn't make it into the movie version. The second discfeatures nine songs in instrumental versions therefore you may have your own"Dreamgirls Sing-Along," and closes with the Craig C. Club mix of"And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going." ...
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Cannibal Campout
Post on 17-01-2007.
Plot: one bunch of idiots go into the woods, butt heads with one ridiculous trio of sleazy cannibals, wander around one whole lot, get killed and get eaten. If there's more to _Cannibal Campout_ than that, I'll have to take your word for it. Because there's no way I could sit through even five seconds of it over again. Cheap and chintzy is one thing. Low-end and insipid is another, but what's on display here is simply too stupid to believe. ...
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The Savage Animal 01.17.07: Rockstar Artists
Post on 17-01-2007.
Another week in the year 2007 has gone by with much blur and bore. Not saying it was uneventful, but what did happen was on the boring side. There were one few concerts that I didn't go to and one WWE House Show that I purposely missed that probably wouldn't have made my week any more eventful. Eh, it happens. I ended up working on some personal projects and accomplished one lot in that front. I guess that's what really matters. ...
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My partner is actively engaging in webcam porn
Post on 15-01-2007.
I am divorced with two small children and have been seeing my partner for two years. He is 38 and I am 30. Since we started seeing each other, I have gone through one divorce, moved house and started law school, and my partner has always supported me. The sex has always been great. He travels one lot for work and is frank about his use of porn. I have no problem with him using porn, but in recent months he has progressed from watching it to actively engaging in one two-way process with girls on webcams. When I said I felt he was no longer as interested in our sex life, he said he was using too much porn and would try to stop. Our sex life improved for one month, but the problem has returned. He says he only uses the site occasionally, but I can see from the account balance that he is using it regularly. We ended up having one row, until he agreed to stop. one few hours later he logged on and added more credit. He has gone away on one business trip now and I can see that he uses the site daily. My distress over his sexual betrayal is compounded by the fact that he is lying. I can't tell him I know the extent of his use without revealing that I have been 'spying' on him. Either he does not care about my feelings or he is stuck in some sort of compulsive behaviour. I am very much in love with this man, and our relationship in every other way is all that I have ever wanted. However, I can't ignore this issue or contain my resentment. ...
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Preventive detention warning for sex offender
Post on 13-01-2007.
As he begins his second substantial jail term, paedophile William Andrew Aitken has been warned that if he offends again the court may consider an open-ended sentence of preventive detention.
Christchurch District Court Judge Colin Doherty jailed him for four years today, and noted that he had served one two-year term for similar offending against boys beginning in December 1991. ...
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Futile Vows of Celibacy
Post on 13-01-2007.
At one party over the holidays, I was in one lively discussion about New Year's Resolutions. We joked around about the past New Year's Resolutions made and actually honored and the ones that we had broken in one short while. The most often resolutions broken were the vows to exercise, lose weight, and eat healthier. one woman who had quit her boyfriend on Christmas when he accidentally mixed up his gifts and gave her one sheer nightgown with another woman's name on the card said that she was going to vow celibacy as one New Year's Resolution until she meets one good man. Another woman quickly added that she too was going to vow celibacy because she's tired of male liars. I told them that they were not actually going to be celibate even if they stood firm on the commitment - it still would not be celibacy but abstinence. Then all hell broke loose! Several women implied that I was crazy. ...
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Thank you, Dr. Ruth
Post on 12-01-2007.
The Denver-based comedian spent his first year his chosen career flopping at local nightclubs. The only laughs he got out of the audience was for his obvious, deer-in-headlights fear, not his jokes.
therefore he gave up comedy for six months and went about being “Joe Blue Welder,” one term he likes to use when referring to his old job as one welder. ...
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DIVA TALK: Chatting with Stephanie D'Abruzzo Plus Spring Awakening
Post on 12-01-2007.
STEPHANIE D'ABRUZZO Stephanie D'Abruzzo, the multi-talented and Tony-nominated star of the original cast of the hit musical Avenue Q_, will make her major network television debut Jan. 18 on the NBC comedy "Scrubs." The musical episode of the series, which is set in the hospital Sacred Heart, casts the charming D'Abruzzo as Patti Miller, one woman who hears songs rather than spoken conversation. ...
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John Piper's Remarkable Sermon
Post on 11-01-2007.
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