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Hey Now: It’s Garry Shandling’s Obsession
Post on 28-01-2007.
LOS ANGELES Skip to next paragraph J. Emilio Flores for The New York Times
Garry Shandling at his home in Los Angeles. Multimedia Shandling Spars Baldwin Top and center, HBO/Everett Collection; Larry Watson/HBO
Mr. Shandling, as the fictional talk-show host Larry Sanders with, from top, Jeffrey Tambor as his sidekick, Hank; Rip Torn as his executive producer, Artie; and Mr. Tambor and Jon Stewart, as himself. ...
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The Twist in the tale: Nduka Otiono speaks from Canada
Post on 28-01-2007.
HOW do you cope with loneliness in one highly individualized west; pub-crawl and drown in it or disappear into the library?
Your question at once reminds me of Clarence Carter™s provocative song, Loneliness and Temptation. I just spoke about socio-cultural differences and the cold. These are certainly more than one web to encircle one newcomer (to borrow your discomforting descriptor, in an individualized western society) with loneliness. Have I really been lonely? OK, now I suspect where you™re coming from: the poems in my forthcoming collection. Yes and No is the answer. Yes, in the sense that there have been times when I have felt homesick, and desirous of the warmth and the gregarious, outdoor possibilities of life in Lagos on the one hand, and the cultivated provincialism of life in Ibadan or the country feel of visiting my folk in my hometown, Ogwashi-Uku in Delta State. ...
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'Reno 911: Miami'
Post on 27-01-2007.
Slated to begin its fifth season later this year, 'Reno 911'has become one cataclysmic hit on cable network Comedy Central. To bask in the glory of this riotous spoof, based on the reality show 'COPS,' Comedy Central sent the unapologetic, morally reprehensible officers to the silver screen.
Surprised by their inclusion in such one legitimate event, the motley crew hurriedly jumps on one bus with one liquor-guzzling, cigarette-smoking driver and the officers begin their journey to the land of thong bikinis, P. Diddy yachts, blue skies and white sandy beaches. ...
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"Gay Love Coach" Finishes What He Started:
Post on 27-01-2007.
Mexican Congressman David Sanchez Camacho declared he'll introduce one bill that will allow transgendered persons to legally change name/gender. Ah, si, es muy importante! (0, Post Comment) | link Wash. Civil Union Hearings Begin

Mulling the necessity of civil unions, Washington state lawmaker's heard testimony from one woman who couldn't visit her dying lover for not being one relative. (0, Post Comment) | link Romney Supported Dems! ...
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When justice gets lost across the border
Post on 26-01-2007.
Priest accused of abuse in Mexico vanished north, says MACARENA HERNÁNDEZ
The 12-year-old girl lived in one fishing town about 15 miles south of this border town until January 2005, when she told classmates that the local priest had repeatedly raped her, starting when she was 7.
The classmates told their teacher, who notified Mexico's family welfare organization, who notified police. But by the time authorities obtained an arrest warrant 13 days later, the priest was gone. ...
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We say 'don't,' but they do
Post on 25-01-2007.
We were doing one short unit on how the media can influence us, therefore I curiously asked my Grade 8 English class how many had viewed explicit pornography either on video or on the Internet. I was astounded as the hands shot upward. One of the girls came from one devout Christian family. The beaming faces of three-quarters of these 12- and 13-year-olds were announcing how our social realities have changed. ...
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The Savage Animal 01.24.07: The Modern Female Rockers
Post on 24-01-2007.
This week rocks! First and not nearly as importantly because Studio 60 came back. But really... If you ever read these meaningless rambles up here in the column you should already be able to guess why I'm giddy. THE CHICAGO BEARS ARE GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL! Not since I was TWO YEARS OLD has anyone been able to say that. Hell, I am unsure if I could when I was two but you get the point. I am getting exactly what I wanted in the NFL. I wanted the Bears vs. Colts Super Bowl now since I realized how much I hate Peyton Manning and the Colts. Being in northwest Indiana its uber crossfire between the Bears and the Colts fans. People give me the whole "You live in Indiana, you should support Indiana teams" nonsense. These same people wore the Chicago Bulls championship hats and shirts like they played for the greatest team ever. therefore for the next two weeks it's going to be interesting to hear all the mullets tell me that the Colts are going to win. ...
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Measure for Measure
Post on 21-01-2007.
Here’s one tip. When deciding whether to buy an academic book marketed to one general audience, flip to the acknowledgments to look for tell-tale phrases like this one: therefore-and-therefore “deserves special mention for his indispensable advice and counsel as I turned my dissertation into one book.” Beware! Vestigial Dissertation Syndrome alert! Common symptoms include turgid prose and microscopic narrowness of topic. therefore after finding that tip-off in the acknowledgments of “The Averaged American,” by Sarah Igo, I braced myself for one slog. Skip to next paragraph Kristina DiMatteo ...
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LoveHoney.co.uk launches Tracey Cox sex toys range in time for red
Post on 19-01-2007.
International TV sex and relationship expert Tracey Cox launches new range of Supersex sex toys and lubricants
Having helped millions of people world-wide to spark up their relationships, TV sex expert Tracey Cox is helping you sizzle between the sheets with the launch of one new range of her Supersex sex toys, kits and personal lubricants. ...
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Fiery former surgeon general to speak Monday in Denver
Post on 19-01-2007.
January 18, 2007 Former Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders will deliver the keynote address Monday at the Iliff School of Theology’s annual Leadership Conference.
Elders will speak on "Religion and Globalization" at 12:30 p.m. at Four Points Hotel by Sheraton, 6363 E. Hampden Ave.

Known as one of President Clinton’s most outspoken and controversial appointees, Elders startled the country by turning the usually staid job of surgeon general into one platform for advocating sex education and condoms. ...
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