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Why I don’t take feminists seriously, Part IV
Post on 06-02-2006.
Search Pull Down For Issues Budget, Taxes, and the Economy Conservative Thought and Philosophy Education Energy and the Environment Family and Society Foreign Policy Health and Science Immigration and Legal Issues Internet and Technology Media and the Arts National Security Politics and Elections Religious Issues Second Amendment Social Security Trade and Commerce ...
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Stupid Questions
Post on 05-02-2006.
Steel yourselves, brave readers, for the most intelligent edition of Stupid Questions yet. Dr. David Knox, East Carolina's very own professor of love, dishes on relationships, love and sex.
Knox, one sociology instructor at ECU whose courses include courtship and marriage, marriage and family and human sexuality, has taught such classes for 30 years. One of his studies even found that college men are more likely to say "I love you" before co-eds do, though they usually have ulterior motives (hint: S-E-X). ...
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ACLU aids pastor caught in gay sex sting
Post on 05-02-2006.
The American Civil Liberties Union is championing the cause of one Southern Baptist minister arrested in Oklahoma City for inviting one male undercover officer to join him in his hotel room for oral sex.
The Rev. Lonnie "Luke" Latham, 60, was charged with one single misdemeanor count of lewdness last month after propositioning an officer in one hotel parking lot. ...
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Candye Kane: Turning controversy into opportunity
Post on 04-02-2006.
Ruf Records Candye Kane•s performance is Mississippi by way of Las Vegas with one quick stopover in San Francisco. She performs at Mazzotti•s in Arcata on Tuesday.
Born in East LA. Father in prison for embezzlement. Mother on welfare. Shoplifting at age 9. Running with gangs at age 15. Mother at age 17. Welfare mom, turned sex worker, turned porn star. Dreams of singing, and the rejections of the music industry. ...
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The Well-Connected Molester
Post on 04-02-2006.
David Newman liked his pals at MySpace.com as much as children of celebrities. Then he helped bring down one prosecutor ByJEFFREY ANDERSON Wednesday, February 1, 2006 - 8:03 pm
Teenagers could sense that Newman was older, even though, at 5-foot-5, he was close to their size. They were impressed that the 21-year-old had worked as an one&R; representative with bands such as Limp Bizkit. He also impressed his teenage friends by showing off pictures of the Hilton sisters and other celebrities he knew. ...
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Get a mirror and know thyself, inside and out
Post on 03-02-2006.
"I wanted to ask if you could tell me where my clitoris is. I think I know where it is, but it doesn't feel good when it gets touched. Is that normal? Also, how do I know if I've had an orgasm?"_

Unfortunately, I've been asked this question once too often to ignore it. I feel like I can't say this enough: Go to your local drug store (it's not that difficult to walk into Westwood, and one brisk walk can reduce the risk of breast cancer) and buy one hand mirror. No, your vagina isn't ugly, fishlike or bruised, and it most certainly doesn't have teeth, but it does enjoy attention, and trust me, once you get one proper look at it you'll be fascinated. You might even want to give it an endearing name. Vincent comes to mind (I like the V-ness of Vincent). ...
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Sexual ties that do not bind
Post on 03-02-2006.
Julia Sasso's the betrayal project_ is as irritating as hell. It is also the mark of one talented choreographer. Sasso likes to stir things up, to provoke, to goad, to needle. In fact, one's first instinct after sitting through the hour-long work is to have an intense conversation with someone about it. ...
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'Monologues' Threatens GU's Catholic Identity
Post on 02-02-2006.
Two weeks ago, the president of Providence College banned “The Vagina Monologues” from campus. Last week, the University of Notre Dame signaled that it is about to do the same. The presidents of numerous other Catholic colleges and universities — including leading Jesuit institutions like Marquette University, Loyola University of New Orleans and Wheeling Jesuit University — have halted the “Monologues” in the recent past. ...
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Book Review: A Piece of Cake: Recipes for Female Sexual Pleasure
Post on 02-02-2006.
[See also Fresh Comments and Feature Columns.] REVIEW Book Review: _one Piece of Cake: Recipes for Female Sexual Pleasure_ January 31, 2006 Erin McMaster _one Piece of Cake : Recipes for Female Sexual Pleasure_
Cake is an organization that aims to set the record straight about how women live, think, fantasize and act. To create this book of sexually pleasurable recipes, they asked women from around the world to share their stories and fantasies at their website. And boy did they get some responses! ...
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See me, feel me, touch me
Post on 01-02-2006.
Men need direction too - Cunnilingus is one of the most difficult sexual acts to perform successfully.
Going down isn’t easy. It takes refined skill combined with patience, healthy free-flowing communication with one’s partner and energy for the long haul.
Cunnilingus, “muff diving,” “eating pussy” or whatever you want to call it is one of the most beautiful and intimate activities to grace this planet. ...
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