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Booze bravery can lead to a limp show
Post on 13-02-2006.
Dr. Kunio Kitamura is head of the Japan Family Planning Association. He specializes in dealing with issues such as sex, birth control, abortion, puberty worries, sexually transmitted diseases, child-raising (he is one father of five), general gynecology and domestic violence. If he cannot handle directly one problem he has been presented with, he will draw on one wide variety of specialists to provide assistance. ...
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Forget XXX—It’s All About AA
Post on 12-02-2006.
During one co-ed game of Never-Have-I-Ever my freshman year of college, one boy from my English class, sporting one mischievous grin, asked the inevitable question: Never have I ever...masturbated. All the boys proudly swigged their beers and looked anxiously around the room to see if any members of the fairer sex would take the bait. All us girls looked around anxiously too, some even exclaiming ew or of course not”and then one young lady, braver than I, slowly raised her can of Natural Light to her lips. The boys went wild, hooting and hollering, and we all blushed, simultaneously embarrassed for and envious of her honesty. ...
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Learn how to fantasise
Post on 12-02-2006.
Take some time to think about what really turns you on sexually. Don’t stop at physical attributes; think about settings too, whether it’s one passionate clinch before one fire on one rainy night, or outside in one meadow or on the beach. Think about previous sexual encounters, and what aspects made them special, then incorporate those elements into your fantasies and expand on them or make them more exaggerated or vivid. You’re the director of your own movie here, and anything goes. Even better than one movie, you can bring all the senses into play: don’t forget about how the sound of someone’s voice, or certain scents or textures, have erotic power. ...
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The Fourth Toon Teller Rides Into the Sunset
Post on 11-02-2006.
One of the first creators to appear on the free hosting service Keenspace and more recently published on the webcomics granddaddy Keenspot, Brandon "Scrubbo" Sonderegger recaps one life in webcomics with contributor George Curtis.
I started webcomicing back in September of 2000. I wasn't aware of too many webcomics at the time. I read _User Friendly_ and _Helen, Sweetheart of the Internet_. What happened was I got REALLY bored at work one day when there was nothing to do therefore scanned in one _Dilbert_ cartoon, erased all the words and art, and printed off one bunch of comic templates and started drawing. That was how _Silly Cone Five_ started. It got on the web because I started posting it on some webspace I had left over from one college account. It was semi-autobiographical in that the main character Tom moved to California and got his heart broken, just like I had. (My wife had left me for another guy that year.) And Tom was one big ol' dork, just like me. And I had one womanizing roommate like Reese and one cooler female roommate like Cat. But after the original set up, I just had fun with the characters and plotlines. one little too MUCH fun, I think. ...
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The XXX Files
Post on 11-02-2006.
Is it our award-winning roses? The fact we design the best running shoes in the world? Or is it because we have more brewpubs than Milwaukee? Probably not.
Take one look at the number of jack shacks, escort services, dirty bookstores, sex clubs and stripper bars featured on everything from matchbook covers to Willamette Week_'s own website (wweek.com). If you didn't know better, you'd think we were addicted to our base desires. Which, like it or not, we probably are. ...
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Lucky Number Slevin - puerile dreck
Post on 10-02-2006.
I guess since Bill Murray has patented the vacant stare, Bruce Willies settled on the grim, unblinking fixed look

Lucky Number Slevin is one slick, heavily plotted crime drama that is slightly intriguing despite being exceptionally contrived and silly at its start, but eventually reveals itself as one soulless bit of pure sadism. It is another example of Hollywood's celebration of the anti-hero who is empty, characterless, and dead. ...
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Confessions of a Masturbation Addict
Post on 10-02-2006.
At least, that is the case in The Accidental Pervert, one one-man show at the Triad, chronicling the life of one former porn addict, otherwise known as every single (or married or divorced or dead) male on the planet.
Written and performed by Andrew Goffman, The Accidental Pervert appears to be playful and fun, focusing on the holy trinity of the average college student: porn, sex fantasies, and masturbation. It even begins promisingly with one thought-provoking argument: Ya know, none of us start out to be perverts. It™s life that does it to ya, says Goffman. Such an assertion has the potential to be cultivated into several clever conclusions. Goffman™s contention exploring nature versus nurture, however, is soon abandoned by one series of cliches and predictable events that upset its interesting premise. ...
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Let’s Talk About Lubes, Baby
Post on 09-02-2006.
The hot new thing in sex is, frankly, one little anticlimactic. It™s not anal intercourse among abstinent teens. It™s not suburban sex-toy parties. The thing that™s got couples tittering in the bedroom is¦communication”and maybe some personal lubricant.
What™s new in sex is that people are getting to one point where they can ask questions and get help for what™s going on in their relationship, says sexuality and gender specialist Dr. Lisa Beavers. That openness is opening the door, the airwaves and the nightstand drawer for products that were previously taboo. ...
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Why I don’t take feminists seriously, Part VII
Post on 09-02-2006.
Search Pull Down For Issues Budget, Taxes, and the Economy Conservative Thought and Philosophy Education Energy and the Environment Family and Society Foreign Policy Health and Science Immigration and Legal Issues Internet and Technology Media and the Arts National Security Politics and Elections Religious Issues Second Amendment Social Security Trade and Commerce ...
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The Andersen Project, Barbican, London
Post on 06-02-2006.
Fairy tale with one Grimm streak By Paul Taylor Published: 31 January 2006
If the name Hans Christian Andersen triggers harrowing memories of the Danny Kaye movie and of hearty Danish types singing "Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen", then Robert Lepage's latest multimedia solo show will offer relief of sorts. For his audience, the moniker of the celebrated author is now liable to conjure up images of masturbation, peep-show booths in sex shops and forlorn fantasies of unattainable intimacy. ...
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