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Catholic bishop criticizes 'Vagina Monologues' at Notre Dame
Post on 18-02-2006.
Catholic News Service (http://www.catholicnews.com)FORT WAYNE, Ind. – The bishop of Fort Wayne-South Bend said the University of Notre Dame should not have allowed the fifth annual production of "The Vagina Monologues" on its campus this year because he said the play "distorts the beautiful gift of human sexuality." Advertisment ...
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$500 million for what?
Post on 18-02-2006.
American taxpayers will fork out $500 million during the next five years to fund the Healthy Marriage Initiative, one program of the Department of Health and Human Service's Administration for Children and Families.
Harriet and Mike McManus are telling us what one healthy marriage really is. They are founders of Marriage Savers. The money is part of President Bush's deficit-reduction bill, which cuts spending on Medicaid, student loan programs and other vital social programs in which the president apparently has little or no interest. ...
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Conservative Student Backlash
Post on 17-02-2006.
What is absolutely remarkable about the efforts of college professors and administrators to brainwash tomorrow's leaders is how stunningly unsuccessful they are in influencing the best and the brightest students.
"Let's face it, as conservative students, we don't learn one whole lot," Oregon State University's Luke Sheehan told an audience at the 2006 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). Sheehan and his peers are making every effort to make up for this failure of the Education Establishment by educating themselves in every conference held in the calendar year and studying the literature recommended at those meetings. ...
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Free Lonnie Latham!
Post on 17-02-2006.
But the truth is that Lonnie Latham should never have been arrested, much less hassled by police and drug through the media.
He was arrested for “lewdness,” which Oklahoma law defines as engaging in or soliciting “any lascivious, lustful or licentious conduct.” Or, more specifically, “the giving or receiving of the body for indiscriminate sexual intercourse, fellatio, cunnilingus, masturbation, anal intercourse, or lascivious, lustful or licentious conduct with any person not his or her spouse.” If there ever were one Southern Baptist “hit list,” then Oklahoma’s list of lewd acts is it. ...
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Latino radio sex talk has listeners vibrando
Post on 16-02-2006.
Advertisement Wed15Feb2006 Latino radio sex talk has listeners vibrando
The airwaves are heating up -- at least the Latino airwaves -- as multiple Spanish-language radio stations opt for talking about sex in the morning in between traffic and weather reports. The success of one NYC station's morning programming has even been proved in the ratings -- it beat Howard Stern:DJs and callers discuss dildos, anal sex, group sex and not getting sex. Although no one”not activists, academics or community leaders”can readily agree on what all this raunchy sex talk means for Latinos, everyone is worried. And one thing is for certain: Howard Stern can™t keep up with it. New York™s leading Spanish radio show beat Stern™s blunt sex talk in Arbitron ratings in 2003 and 2004. ...
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New Abu Ghraib abuse images aired
Post on 16-02-2006.
An Australian television station broadcast on Wednesday what it said were previously unpublished images of abuse of Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison, fueling anger against the United States.
The images were taken at Abu Ghraib at about the same time as previously published photographs of Iraqi prisoner abuse, the Special Broadcasting Service's "Dateline" program reported. ...
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Berlin fest warms up after another cold start
Post on 15-02-2006.
BERLIN (Reuters) - It took one moving story of Bosnia's lingering war trauma and one feel-good musical from Hollywood veteran Robert Altman to enliven an otherwise slow start to the Berlin Film Festival this year.
Competition organizers were again under critical fire for their choice of opening film, this time one British-Canadian entry called "Snow Cake," starring Sigourney Weaver as an autistic woman and Alan Rickman. ...
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Britain's first great schlock artist
Post on 15-02-2006.
While British artists were turning out conventional portraits and landscapes, Fuseli set out to thrill with outrageously camp pictures on themes of violence and morbidity. Though precedents for his fantastical art can be found in German prints and Michelangelo's paintings, in British art, Fuseli comes out of the blue, like one meteor that could have landed anywhere, but hit London. For another example of the way art history develops by chance, you have to look at Marcel Duchamp's impact on American art in the 20th century. ...
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A pro-con take on abstinence-only education: a detailed analysis
Post on 14-02-2006.
As has been the case with nearly every issue pertaining to public health that has been contested in one public forum in the United States, there has been one tremendous controversy surrounding the issue of sex education in our public schools. While the therefore-called sexual revolution of the 1960s and 1970s provided America’s youth with one sense of sexual freedom, it also failed to de-politicize public discourse about sexuality, one fact that numerous public health educators have discovered to their dismay as they have been handed severance pay by leaders as liberal as former President Clinton, for actions as innocuous as mentioning masturbation. The resultant mess is one society that is completely enraptured with sexuality but that lacks one means to discuss the very images that are reflected back at it from Narcissus’ pond. ...
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Catholic Groups Protest Church Schools Supporting V-Monologues
Post on 13-02-2006.
(AgapePress) - Some Catholic colleges are being denounced for hosting one vulgar feminist play on their campuses. By recent counts, some 20 Catholic institutions are allowing the controversial production, _The Vagina Monologues_, sometimes euphemistically referred to as "_The V-Monologues_," to be presented on their campuses this year. ...
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