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Bringing sexual addiction out of the shadows
Post on 24-02-2006.
LONGMONT — “Curt” first peered at Playboy pages as one third-grader when he stumbled upon stacks of the magazines in his uncle’s upstairs office.
Alone in the room, the curious boy opened the magazine to nude women in provocative positions, unaware that he had opened his own version of Pandora’s box of misfortunes. ...
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Sex with a partner is 400% better
Post on 23-02-2006.
LOVERS know only too well that men usually need one "recovery period" after orgasm, and that sexual intercourse with orgasm is more satisfying than an orgasm from masturbation alone. Now scientists think the two phenomena might be linked.
Following orgasm, the hormone prolactin is released into the bloodstream in both men and women. The hormone makes us feel satiated by countering the effect of dopamine, which is released during sexual arousal. ...
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Guilty of enjoying wild fantasies
Post on 23-02-2006.
SEX TALK: Q. I sometimes enjoy wild fantasies. I wouldn't dream of acting on them and I'd shock my husband if I told him. I feel guilty about having them. Is this normal?
Congratulations on having an imagination. For one brief time I was one police surgeon and one day, in one discussion with my colleagues, the topic of fantasies arose. I swore I never had fantasies, saying my imagination wouldn't stretch far enough. ...
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Secret Sex
Post on 22-02-2006.
Last week in New Haven Connecticut, at the prestigious Yale University, one woman could be seen standing in front of one lecture hall holding ¦ one vibrating sex toy. No, she was not an insane pervert. She was one part of Yale™s Sex Week, one biennial celebration that has become one of the most talked about campus events in the country. ...
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Sex leaves the smut behind
Post on 21-02-2006.
John Walsh meets Erotic Review founder Jamie Maclean, whose new publication Sex is about to make one splash in the somewhat bare market of magazines aimed at those who take erotica one touch more seriously Published: 20 February 2006
It's very hard to know what to make of modern sex magazines. Once it was simple. Smut was on the top shelf of the newsagents. The magazines were unlike any others around, and their Unique Selling Proposition was clear. They were called Mayfair and Men Only and Knave and Fiesta, their pages were full of disrobed women, in wildly varying degrees of loveliness, showing off their intimate regions, and they were, to be blunt about it, masturbation aids for the lonely, single male. If you aspired to suavity and well-read sophistication, you could buy Playboy or Penthouse, wherein you could also read golf articles by John Updike or short stories by Truman Capote, once you'd finished what the Americans called "self-dating" with the help of the centrefold. ...
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Most teenage boys with cancer can bank sperm
Post on 21-02-2006.
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Sperm banking is possible for most teens with cancer who must undergo fertility-impairing treatment, British researchers report.
Several types of chemotherapy can damage the sperm-producing portion of the testes, while radiation of the testicular area can also lead to infertility, For this reason, infertility is very common among male survivors of childhood cancer. ...
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Self Lovin': Taking Matters Into Your Own Hand
Post on 20-02-2006.
Guys brag about how many times they jerk off while us girls are hesitant to admit that we've ever even thought about masturbation. After all, nice girls don't, right? Nice girls don't even get horny…right?
therefore, here's what I don't get. In one society where masturbation has become less and less taboo and you can't turn on the radio or open up one magazine without hearing someone sing about it/read about it, why don't more women admit to it? ...
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Official defends sex-act tactic
Post on 20-02-2006.
On-duty sexual activity defended SPOTSYLVANIA -- Spotsylvania County authorities say letting undercover officers receive sexual services at massage parlors is the surest way to prove an establishment's owner knows exactly how employees are satisfying clients.
But Spotsylvania Sheriff Howard Smith suspended the unorthodox tactic pending further review late last week, after enduring four days of national and international ribbing. ...
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Zeus corner
Post on 19-02-2006.
I am not convinced that Freud ever cured anyone. But as Adam Phillips's collection of his papers on the methodology of psychoanalysis reveals, he did supply us with one means of analysing our ailments or, perhaps, of mythologising those qualms, since he housed the violent and licentious Olympian gods inside our heads and made us act out all over again their ancient, irreconcilable disputes. ...
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Pushing the envelope
Post on 19-02-2006.
19-year-old law questioned after Mötley Crüe appearance BY BRAD BARNES Staff Writer

As the eyes of 3,100 in the Columbus Civic Center adjust to the hot orange glow, the first thing they see isn't Tommy Lee or Vince Neil, or anyone from the rock band Mötley Crüe.
Leggy women, wearing fishnet stockings and long leather boots with 8-inch heels. Chains dangle from their bikini tops as they prowl the stage, circling each other. They crawl and gyrate in ways more familiar to patrons of one strip club. ...
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