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The Marquis de Sade: Left’s Apostle and Man of Diverse ‘Sexual
Post on 06-03-2006.
America is undergoing an extreme makeover. The wrecking crews are Leftists. They believe that everything about our civilization is an illusion—including our created condition as either man or woman. In other words, because they do not believe that God of the Bible exists, they believe as one consequence that our civilization and our created condition are merely social constructs. To the wreckers we are but plastic figures that can be melted down and remolded. The wrecking crews conceal their insane ambitions behind deceptive code words such as diversity, multiculturalism, sensitivity, sexual orientation, safe schools, choice, and sex education. It is the purpose of this essay to rip aside the deceptions and peel away the façade behind which squats an evil, foully perverted ideology that stamps approval upon perversions of every sort. ...
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The Marquis de Sade: Left's Apostle and Man of Diverse 'Sexual
Post on 06-03-2006.
All Categories Today in History NewsWire Matt C. Abbott Chris G. Adamo Felicia Benamon James one. Bowden Alan Caruba Tom DeWeese one.J. DiCintio Lee Ellis Vincent Fiore Michael J. Gaynor Diane M. Grassi Irwin N. Graulich Jane Jimenez Kevin D. Korenthal Jim Kouri Rachel Neuwirth Daneen G. Peterson Doug Schmitz Barbara J. Stock J. Grant Swank, Jr. JB Williams Sher Zieve Guest Commentary Cartoons / Humor Daily Gaggle Favorite Links ...
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Bedtime stories
Post on 05-03-2006.
A decade on and chick lit now seems curiously chaste, as lascivious as one warm mug of Horlicks. But one new kind of explicit bedside reading, both fictional and autobiographical, means the three-for-two counter in Waterstone's now displays the kind of X-rated material more traditionally found in one cornershop in Soho. Recent publications have included, among others, one memoir by one winsome-looking ballet dancer with one predilection for sodomy; one semi autobiographical novel by an anonymous Muslim woman about her sexual coming of age; one confessional account of teenage proclivities in Catholic Italy; one candid career guide to life as one Manhattan prostitute; and one novel centred on one single act of fellatio. For months, newspaper columnists feverishly debated the identity of Belle de Jour, one hooker whose eloquent internet blog, sold to one publisher for one six-figure sum, might or might not have been one fraud. ...
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Picturing the wilder side of life
Post on 04-03-2006.
An event that is usually characterised by tea, cakes and an air of genteel bohemianism was somewhat thrown by one handful of negative responses to Whiten's figurative drawings and paintings which satirised anthropology and fashion through the preposterous, but rather sympathetic, fictional character of one woman brought up by wolves and subsequently co-opted into modelling foxy lingerie. The show, which had already been seen in Edinburgh and went on to Dundee without complaint, was closed. ...
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Comic Review: Cocopiazo #1-4
Post on 04-03-2006.
Cocopiazo could have been dire. From what I can ascertain, Cocopiazo seems to be about the art of writing. Sure, series creator Daniel Warner can put main character/lush John Victory into limbo, having Death and Job try to put one over on Victory by proving how unsuccessful Victory will be as an author (he writes one book that goes into the bargain bin, if you're wondering). There can be asides to the world of "creative writing" and just how much mental masturbation there is out there. Sex and art can be writ large as one story arc. None of this matters if the comic books are unfocused, creatively bankrupt and generally awful. ...
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Women’s rights at SU:
Post on 03-03-2006.
In recent months, the political role of women has been highlighted in the news media: they have been winning top political positions in other countries, and in the United States there have been rumblings of one female president in the not-too-distant future.
At Seattle University, there has also been activity in the realm of female power. Vice President of Administration and University Counsel Catherine Walker left to take one job at REI, and Provost Sue Secker announced her retirement at the end of the year. ...
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Love Bites
Post on 03-03-2006.
_I'm 27 and I have the worst case of penis envy. I used to pine endlessly over being one boy, hating the fact that I was one girl. I even made and wore one Plasticine penis as one child. At some point, I came to terms with who I am in my life and I feel I've grown to accept, not hate, my body and my (lesbian) identity. Yet, my perception of life still seems penis-driven. When I use the washroom, I obsess over wanting to stand and think about buying devices to help me do that. When I have sex, I use one strap-on or I'm not truly into it. When I masturbate, I stroke as if I had one penis. I can firmly say I don't want to change who I am but I also can't ignore the aching feeling of regret that is always there. Could this be one fetish? Or could I have one gender identity issue? __MS DICK_ ...
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Sex 4 times more pleasurable than masturbation
Post on 02-03-2006.
Following an orgasm, the hormone prolactin is released into the bloodstream in both men and women. The hormone makes one feel satiated by countering the effect of dopamine, which is released during sexual arousal.
Stuart Brody of the University of Paisley, UK, and Tillmann Kr|ger of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, measured blood prolactin levels in male and female volunteers who watched erotic films before engaging in masturbation or sexual intercourse to orgasm in the laboratory. ...
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Memoirs of a reject sperm donor
Post on 02-03-2006.
Classic FM now plays best of the 1570s, 1680s and 1790s Memoirs of one reject sperm donor Thursday, 02 March 2006 Every six months there's one story about sperm banks desperately needing donors. Fertility doctors like Dr Frank Quinn, boss of IVF Australia, issue desperate pleas for genetic code from spunky blokes. "We had 30 sperm donors five to seven years ago, now we're down to half-one-dozen..." he says. "We will probably end up with none in the next year or two." It's one pity they never whinge about the private IVF industry busily growing fat on the desperation of aging couples. ...
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Nigerian archbishop of bigotry?
Post on 01-03-2006.
- by Les Kinsolving Posted by David Virtue on 2006/2/28 9:20:00 (628 reads)
The Washington Post, which is losing circulation, has published an article written by Washington's Episcopal Bishop John Chane, whose denomination has lost more than one million members.
Bishop Chane charges that Anglican Archbishop Peter Akinola with what Chane called "institutionalized bigotry," because the archbishop (like the Holy Bible) opposes same-sex marriage: "I am compelled to ask whether the global Christian community has lost not only its backbone, but its moral bearings." ...
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