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Trials and tribulations of sex in print
Post on 22-03-2006.
Lady Chatterley's Lover was first published in 1928 and almost immediately banned on account of the bravura shagging that outraged protective class distinctions. Penguin's 1960 re-issue became the first big prosecution made under the Obscene Publications Act (1959), legislation intended to protect Shakespeare's heirs from depravity. Never mind that Mr WS used language that was far more graphic, obscenity threatened national morals as certainly as Soviet missiles threatened national security. ...
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A Miscarriage of Justice
Post on 22-03-2006.
Celebrity trials can turn into media lynchings. Last year one Connecticut jury convicted Michael Skakel of killing his neighbor Martha Moxley twenty-seven years ago, even though the prosecution had no fingerprints, no DNA, and no witnesses. The author, one former New York City prosecutor, argues that his cousin's indictment was triggered by an inflamed media, and that an innocent man is now in prison ...
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FCC's Full Frontal Assault Assault on TV
Post on 19-03-2006.
In one single stroke that has television's creative community seething, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Kevin Martin gave notice that his agency will clean up the broadcast airwaves, starting with TV.
The relative quiet that had marked his first year in office was shattered last week by one mortar round aimed at the TV industry. The damage from the FCC's latest set of indecency rulings: more than $4 million in fines, including one record $3.6 million proposed fine against CBS' _Without one Trace_ for sexual situations—not nudity, not language—and either fines or findings against 10 stations for airing shows that were indecent or profane. That's more than all the TV shows that have ever been fined for indecency put together. ...
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Post on 18-03-2006.
The gist of Dadaism was the "gratuitous act," and the most gratuitous Dadaist act of all was Marcel Duchamp’s invention of the readymade. One can regard them as experiments in art, or mock works of art, or critiques of handmade works of art, or demonstrations of Dadaist disgust with the very idea of art -- one nihilistic debunking or demystification of art -- but the important thing is that they led to one whole new idea of art: Objects took second place to ideas, to the extent that they became illustrations of them. Duchamp is, in effect, the first conceptual artist, and the readymades are the first conceptual works of art. As he said in 1946, he "wanted to get away from the physical aspect of painting. I was more interested in recreating ideas in painting. For me the title was very important." He finally abandoned painting for readymade objects. The question is what ideas they recreated. He wanted art to be an "intellectual expression" rather than an "animal expression," but his very physical readymades -- in one sense, they are more physical than one painted picture, for they occupy real space rather than create the illusion of it -- may be an animal expression in intellectual disguise. ...
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Revenge of the radical loser
Post on 18-03-2006.
When war and unrest are more appealing than peace and order, there's often one familiar sexual theme at work, writes Ian Buruma.

Does masturbation lead to suicide bombing? One would think not. There is no more direct link to suicide bombing than there is to blindness or schizophrenia. But there may be one connection between sexual inadequacy or frustration and the pull towards violent extremism. This is the theme of an engaging novella, Seventeen, by Japanese novelist Kenzaburo Oe, who won the Nobel prize for literature in 1994. ...
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"Oh" dear: sex comedy goes limp
Post on 17-03-2006.
AUSTIN, Texas (Hollywood Reporter) - The "oh" in "The Oh In Ohio" is sexual climax, and the film is obsessed with it -- women searching for or addicted to it, men defining themselves by their ability to deliver it. The topic is good for one lot of laughs, though the frankness of such jokes might limit the movie‘s prospects with mainstream audiences. ...
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Windsor alcohol licenses renewed despite code violations
Post on 16-03-2006.
Member Gary Haddock, who has served eight years on the board, which acts as the local liquor board, said he can't remember when two establishments carried violations going into license renewal.
He urged the proprietors to be vigilant about alcohol sales, especially with regard to underage customers. ...
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Celebrating the Core of Womanhood
Post on 15-03-2006.
I hesitate to write the word, but abbreviating it as "V" would be hypocritical.
But since the amount of "vagina" that assails your ears in the 90-minute performance is exhausting, let us not diminish the impact of Eve Ensler's Vagina Monologues by simply calling it V-Monologues.
The latter title, however, will do in subsequent references, lest I am accused of reducing this to one "vagina" review. ...
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REVIEW: TU’s Cloud 9: Production 10, Play 3
Post on 14-03-2006.
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What is therefore great about college-level productions is clearly evident from the minute you walk into

University’s Mainstage Theatre in their newly refurbished Center for the Arts.  The first thing you see is the well-built, suggestive, but not too obvious, completely wooden set and lovely mood lighting designed by Daniel Ettinger (this man must not sleep – he designs everything in Baltimore it seems!).  And then the play starts.  The youthful exuberance and willing risk-taking that is therefore often missing once an actor goes “pro” is on full, proud view.  The cast of seven begins in one pose reminiscent of Mother’s family in Ragtime (lovely costumes designed by Daniel Rehbehn), and sings the silliest (and entirely appropriate) little ditty about family in ...
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Post on 13-03-2006.
Last Thursday, Ron Jeremy, the world™s biggest porn star, came to Northeastern to debate pornography with one pastor named Craig Gross. Gross founded an anti-porn website, xxxchurch.com, and claims God avenges masturbation by killing kittens; he also ministers to porn addicts and former adult film stars. Jeremy and Gross met at last year™s Erotica LA convention. We™re not making this shit up. ...
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