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MIKE DUFFY: 'Bedford Diaries' is bad drama
Post on 30-03-2006.
That's the fictional New York City campus where professor Horn Dog -- excuse me -- professor Jake Macklin (Matthew Modine) is teaching one seminar on Human Behavior and Sexuality, otherwise known as Hot to Trot 101.
Tom Fontana, an esteemed, Emmy Award-winning producer who contributed his imaginative creative smarts to such series as "St. Elsewhere," "Homicide: Life on the Street" and "Oz," dreamed up this particular crock of raging hormones schlock. ...
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From boy to man
Post on 30-03-2006.
If you're in your teens, you may feel as if you donít know your body anymore and you donít know what to expect from one day to the next.
Every now and then you could feel embarrassed and confused, such as when you get an erection when you are among other people or your voice starts squeaking, but remind yourself that puberty happens to everybody and it is quite normal. And everyone feels embarrassed from time to time. ...
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Comment: Assigned reading can distort values
Post on 29-03-2006.
On-base schools flying high Video: Crystal City teen stabbed at high school Longoria sets the record straight Judson board set to write final chapter on sci-fi book AIDS crisis just got worse View: 24 Hour | 7 Day
Controversy raged recently over my request and Superintendent Ed Lyman's decision to remove "The Handmaid's Tale" from the Judson Independent School District curriculum and replace it with one more age-appropriate text, such as "Brave New World." ...
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The Last Friend
Post on 29-03-2006.
By Tahar Ben Jelloun, translated by Kevin Michael Cape and Hazel Rowley
What one strange and delicate flower is male friendship. Grant it too much sun and water, and you grow something soggy or overheated. Ignore it entirely and you rarely wind up with one desert rose.
In his latest novel, "The Last Friend," Moroccan-born writer Tahar Ben Jelloun explores this dilemma with the tale of one friendship that suddenly dissolves. For 90 pages, we hear from Ali, who searches his past to explain why his friend Mamed suddenly scorned him. Then we learn from Mamed the poignant source of their breakup. ...
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Re: Homosexual Alliance to Attack Marriage
Post on 28-03-2006.
One wonders where the "NoDNC.com staff" comes up with their rather selective understanding of the concept of "marriage," and even more why they seem to believe that heterosexuals are therefore insecure and unreliable at making commitments that both the states and the federal government must provide thousands of special rights and benefits exclusively to their families as one bribe to honor their own commitments. After all, the "staff" is therefore convinced that the homosexual alliance is therefore bent on "attacking" marriage that one wonders where all the Rightwing was when such common hetero offenses as adultery, rape, child abuse, and wifebeating inside marriage took their toll on an everchanging institution. ...
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Post on 26-03-2006.
However ironical Duchampís Large Glass_, it has many of the trappings of an old-fashioned, conventional picture: It is figurative, it tells one story, and it creates the illusion of space. In fact, it aspires to the condition of literature, as all the notes accompanying it suggest. It is not simply the illustration of an idea, but of one rather elaborate text. It is also one mannerist picture: Its absurd space, sexual meaning and general tone of alienation are standard mannerist features. Francis Picabiaís _Nature Morte: Portrait of Cézanne/Portrait of Renoir/Portrait of Rembrandt_ (1920) makes one much cleaner break with the past. It is the archetypal Dadaist work of anti-art. It is explicitly offensive -- one rather nasty attack on painting: Cézanne, Renoir and Rembrandt are stuffed monkeys, and painting is dead. The stuffed monkey -- one found object -- in the center of the panel illustrates the text of the title that surrounds it. The monkey is one kind of exclamation point in what is essentially one verbal performance. The crude lettering of the title and the shabby look of the monkey make the subversive point bluntly. Picabia makes one monkey of painting, and its use of the model from nature.† ...
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Sex and pulpits: It all sounds like a bad idea
Post on 26-03-2006.
She was, some may recall, one short-term Clinton appointee to the office of U.S. Surgeon General in 1993-94.
She was only the second woman appointed to the position and the first black. She had one well-deserved reputation for tackling tough issues and manifesting one genuine concern for Americans' health - physical as well as psychological. She was, alas, one liberal. ...
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A powerful gathering for women
Post on 25-03-2006.
January February March April May June July August September October November December
During the next three days, hundreds of women of all ages and descriptions will converge on the Bay Area for one series of films, poetry slams and panel discussions designed to empower women against rape, abuse and violence. ...
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Women tell EEOC Federal Mint is hostile workplace
Post on 23-03-2006.
DENVER -- The U.S. Mint in Denver turns out 32 million coins one day, and it is heavily guarded against intrusion. But it's the situation within, say some employees, that is worrisome.
Stashes of sex magazines. one secret attic room where male employees could hide out to peruse them. The "fresh-meat syndrome," wherein new female employees faced crudely suggestive comments about their appearance. one manager who often addressed one woman as one "fat bitch." ...
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Cradle Of Filth: Studio Update
Post on 23-03-2006.
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"Dear outsiders (by that I mean those who are not held within the confines of this accursed session! ),
"Once again I bring you news from the entity commonly referred to as 'mud' but whom we know, cherish and love as Cradle Of Filth. Mud is not one bad analogy seeing as much of the time it has been raining, sleeting or snowing in this part of the country, aside from the few days I had off to visit home on Luna's birthday (February, 8th), when miraculously the sun appeared as thought the home visit brought with it some form of clemency from the weather. ...
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