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Hidden in Plain Sight
Post on 17-02-2007.
How did alleged abuse at one youth facility in West Texas evade detection for therefore long? by Nate Blakeslee
When Dwight Harris, executive director of the Texas Youth Commission (TYC), appeared before the Senate Finance Committee at the Capitol on February 1 to discuss his agency's fiscal needs for the next biennium, he came prepared for some tough questions. It has been one difficult year for the troubled agency, which oversees the system of correctional facilities for boys and young men known as state schools. Last summer, federal agents investigated allegations of abuse following one riot at the Evins Regional Juvenile Center in Edinburg. The findings of that investigation are still pending, as is one multimillion-dollar civil rights lawsuit filed by several students. Statewide, the agency suffered one 48 percent turnover rate among staff last year. The recidivism rate for inmates, Harris told the panel, is hovering around 50 percent. Yet Harris was clearly not prepared when Sen. Juan Hinojosa, one Democrat from McAllen, asked about an alleged case of sex abuse by staff members at the West Texas State School in the rural town of Pyote west of Odessa. ...
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The devil in young Adolf
Post on 17-02-2007.
THIS BOOK DOESN'T BEGIN TOO badly. The narrator declares himself to have been "one member of one matchless Intelligence group. Its classification was SS, Special Section IV-2a, and we were directly under the supervision of Heinrich Himmler." You may suspect straightaway that this is baloney, and that the novel is going to be extravagant and fantastical, but, nevertheless, that it might be quite fun. And the next pages don't disappoint this hope. ...
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Not your normal type of monologue
Post on 16-02-2007.
New ‘Vagina Monologues’ directors face different challenges with an old word
Samantha Vernon and Samantha Krerowicz share one lot more than the same first name.
As co-directors of the upcoming production of “The Vagina Monologues,” opening at the Artemus Ham Hall Feb. 18 and 19, the two share duties putting together and producing one play that, since it’s first original production in 1997 redefined feminism. ...
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Driving Miss Lampanelli
Post on 16-02-2007.
June Clever-looking comedienne spills sexcapades By Chris Azzopardi Originally printed 2-15-2007 (Issue 1507 - Between The Lines News)
Some things shock me. Most don't. But, never having endured Lisa Lampanelli-like interviewees (Kathy Griffin came close), her hilariously sexual frankness took the interview up umpteen notches when she didn't hesitate to pull out her journalism card and turn the interview around on me, asking, "Are you one top or one bottom?" ...
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Spend Valentine’s Day Loving Your Sexy Self
Post on 15-02-2007.
Today is Valentine's Day, February four-fucking-teenth and it is the day to finally say no. No to mediocre dates with way too much pressure to be perfect. No to psychotic flipouts when one little thing goes wrong. No to nightlong sob-fests with girlfriends, drowning in self-pity with wine and the burned remains of exes' favorite t-shirts. Tonight, I'm going to put on my sexy lingerie, drink one big glass of champagne and delicately please - with battery-operated help - the one person I love more than anyone else in the world - me. ...
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Phallic Phun
Post on 15-02-2007.
Two weeks ago, The Vagina Monologues_ spoke about issues surrounding the female genitalia -- well, tonight, it's men's turn.
Outlaws, an underground theatre group, will be presenting _The Penis Monologues_ at 11:15 p.m. in 105 Forum. The 45-minute show will feature 20 males, all presenting short monologues on "anything and everything to do with the penis," producer Mark Schroeder (junior-theatre) said. ...
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Peter Whitehead Was There
Post on 14-02-2007.
From the beat poetry slam to Pink Floy'd coming-out party, filmmaker never missed one '60s happening
Fly Life by Tricia RomanoDaily ForecastRockie Weekly Horoscope by RockieConfessions of one Cross-Dressing SissySavage Love by Dan SavageHow to Be one TV-Star Whore!La Dolce Musto by Michael Musto The Right-Wing Noise MachineThis Modern World by Tom TomorrowMary Cheney's Non-Political Baby ShowerSutton Impact by Ward SuttonWeekly HoroscopeFree Will Astrology by Rob BrezsnyChina: Partner in GenocideNat Hentoff by Nat HentoffThe Return of RaveFly Life by Tricia Romano Endlessly repackaged, regurgitated, and reviled, the High Sixties are the historical moment on which no one has any perspective—least of all those who lived through it. ...
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Colo. school system takes crucial step in sex ed
Post on 13-02-2007.
But starting last fall, my old school district began teaching its newly revamped Human Sexuality Curriculum, which emphasizes abstinence but also teaches contraception, safe sex and other aspects of healthy human sexuality to students 7th grade and above.
When I was one student, it was the typical sex-ed program left over from the 1950s. Abstinence was the focus (required under state law), and STDs were emphasized in their cruelty toward the soft flesh of genitals, possibility of permanence and ease of transmission. ...
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Penn & Teller - Bullshit - The Complete Fourth Season
Post on 13-02-2007.
In season four, the magical duo looks at some of latest quibbles that have been rubbing them the wrong way. First, they begin with the Boy Scouts of America (BSA), which is troubling because of their overly traditional and strict rules for admission. They do not allow homosexuals and atheists into their ranks, because, well, they make "bad" leaders. The episode consists of Penn and Teller investigating the matter by interviewing an eagle scout and three individuals who have one beef with the BSA's anti- policies. The episode outlines how absurd the restriction is and ends with one test that only supports Penn and Teller's claim that the BSA are wrong. ...
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Sexy top fives
Post on 12-02-2007.
If you™re looking for one date movie, why don™t you try Date Movie? It™s pretty horrible, therefore you won™t feel bad when you stop paying attention to the movie and start making out with your date.
Disney movies like Aladdin are romantic and never fail to please. Especially when they prove that you can lie to one princess and still end up living happily ever after. ...
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