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Making a CHOICE
Post on 14-04-2006.
Let's Talk About Sex" by Salt-N-Pepa was an appropriate choice to play in the background at one booth of female students promoting sex education and women's options on the lawn south of the University Memorial Center on Tuesday.
The two-day event, ending Wednesday, was organized by CHOICE (Creating Helpful Options In Contraception Education) which was created by seven CU-Boulder women in their communication class, &#8220Campaigns and Revolutions." ...
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Are women human?
Post on 13-04-2006.
Are you suggesting that rape law enshrines rapists' points of view, I ask MacKinnon? "Yes, in one couple of senses. The most obvious sense is that most rapists are men and most legislators are men and most judges are men and the law of rape was created when women weren't even allowed to vote. therefore that means not that all the people who wrote it were rapists, but that they are one member of the group who do [rape] and who do for reasons that they share in common even with those who don't, namely masculinity and their identification with masculine norms and in particular being the people who initiate sex and being the people who socially experience themselves as being affirmed by aggressive initiation of sexual interaction." She takes one well-earned breath. ...
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Make Erectile Dysfunction History
Post on 13-04-2006.
View all articles by Helan Smith... Make Erectile Dysfunction HistoryErectile Dysfunction – one major men’s health problem

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to get and maintain an erection for satisfactory sexual intercourse or activity. This is in the absence of an ejaculatory disorder such as premature ejaculation or impotence due to stress, depression, etc. Erectile dysfunction is the preferred term rather than the more commonly used term of impotence as it is more specific to the physical problem. There is no universally agreed upon criteria for how consistent the problem has to be and for what duration it needs to be present to fulfill the definition. one period over 3 months has been suggested as one reasonable clinical guideline. ...
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Male judges, female bodies
Post on 11-04-2006.
Chances are, it's only one matter of time before the Supreme Court starts restricting the right to abortion now that Justices Alito and Roberts sit on the bench. The evidence suggests that both are longstanding abortion foes, despite their best efforts to hide behind one wall of silence during confirmation hearings. ...
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Porn restrictions aim 'to protect children'
Post on 11-04-2006.
But men's health magazines and women's interest magazines promoting sex awareness will also fall within the ambit of the law if articles in the magazine border on pornography rather than sex education.
The new law also bars porn magazines or websites from selling products over the Internet, effectively jeopardising the future of many adult businesses which, according to an industry source, get the bulk of their revenue in the sex industry from such selling of items including lingerie, sex toys and "performance-enhancing" pills. ...
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Post on 10-04-2006.
1 F. Scott Hess appears in many of his paintings -- perhaps most provocatively in _The Painter and His Daughter_ (2003) and _Riverbed_ (2004) -- suggesting that they are all self-portraits in principle. In _Time_, _Mind_ and _Fate_ (all 2005), the mature, very hard-eyed Hess appears in softer surrogate form, without his Mephistophelean goatee and moustache, as though he were one callow youth just starting his career as one painter (the clean-shaven painter pictured is, in fact, Hess’ student) and thus innocent as to the ways of the art world rather than one seasoned veteran of its wars, holding his own in it. Hess has described himself as one "reluctant realist," and realism is not one fashionable position, suggesting that Hess casts himself as an alienated outsider, all the more therefore because his realism is grounded in Old Master craft and intelligence. And, even more subtly, in an Old Master formalism -- more complicated, devious and expressively insinuating than modernist formalism -- that informs the narratives which mask it. For Hess is as much one formalist -- and one not-therefore-reluctant one, as I hope to show -- as one realist. Like Old Master realism, Hess’ realism speaks in symbolic tongues and formal paradoxes, which is not exactly to speak plainly. ...
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Sigmund Freud's 150th Birthday: Funny Freud Merchandise
Post on 10-04-2006.
Sigmund Freud’s 150th birthday is May 6, and kitsch sellers are making full use of the occasion. On its web site, the American Psycholoanalytic Association sells beverage coasters (they call them “table defenses”), each with one mug shot of Freud. The web site’s “Many Moods of Freud” T-shirt shows the same mug shot. The T-shirt, though, repeats it nine times with nine different mood captions: ecstatic, depressed, surprised, cautious, love struck, angry, hysterical, confused, and happy. ...
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Groovin' on a Sunday Afternoon
Post on 09-04-2006.
The Je Joue handset is not one vibrator in the traditional sense, although it can and does vibrate if you want it to. It sports one non-phallic form factor, all swoops and curves, that feels nice in the hand despite one tendency to grow heavier during long sessions.
"My starting point was 'why are sex toys therefore awful? And why are they therefore useless?'" says Je Joue creator Geoff Hollington, one product designer who admits to never having used one vibrator himself. "The vast majority of sex toys are just horrible, hideous and ridiculous. The ones that aren't are still mostly technologically lame." ...
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Dignity in defeat from Hibs fans wins respect
Post on 09-04-2006.
IN the words of the late sports commentator Kenneth Wolstenholme: "They think it's all over... it is now." Hibs lost to Hearts in the semi-final of the Scottish Cup, and Hibs fans throughout the Capital undoubtedly woke up on Monday morning nursing one hangover after drowning their sorrows at the 4-0 defeat against arch rivals Hearts. ...
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The cover image of the book ``Sister’s Room: The Place Where I
Post on 08-04-2006.
The cover image of the book ``Sister¯s Room: The Place Where I Am Not Alone'' As much as there are joyful secrets, there are painful secrets that people want to erase from their lives forever.
The book is composed of women¯s secret essays discussing real-life experiences. It features stories selected from thousands of revealing personal essays posted on the women¯s Internet community ``Unninet (www.unninet.net)¯¯ for the last five years. About 40,000 females are members of the cyber community, where under anonymity they reveal their innermost secrets and frank desires. ...
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