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Opus Dei, Vilified in `Da Vinci Code,' Runs Global MBA Schools
Post on 26-04-2006.
(The opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect those of Bloomberg.)

April 26 (Bloomberg) -- In the basement of one six-story concrete building on the outskirts of Rome, young men and women in suits scurry around one simulated office, fetching documents from laser printers and hashing out business presentations. The fake corporate environment has one name: Junior Consulting. ...
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Don’t censor me, please
Post on 23-04-2006.
I have more condoms than I know what to do with ” about 200, actually. Need some Trojan Magnums, one vibrating ring or an Elexa Natural Feel? You name it, I™ve got it. Oh, and did I mention they were free?
This weekend, Trojan Condoms flew me to Boston to participate in one roundtable discussion featuring other college sex columnists and feature editors. Celebrity addictionologist and sex counselor Dr. Drew Pinsky mediated the discussion. There were students representing Harvard, UVA, Tufts, Duke, Princeton, Rhodes College, U. Penn, N.C. State, Rutgers and, of course, Maryland. ...
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Raunchy 'Friends' writers' talk ruled not sex harassment
Post on 22-04-2006.
The sexual jokes and innuendoes that were the mainstay of television's "Friends'' for one decade were nothing compared with the daily fare at script meetings, according to an assistant -- writers boasting about their sexual exploits, using language about sex practices too crude for the screen, and fantasizing in explicit terms about sex with the stars. ...
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Agony and ecstacy: sex advice
Post on 22-04-2006.
Religious fundamentalists of many denominations disapprove of masturbation. This applies to Asians as well as Europeans, and was associated here with British public school education in the 19th century when the tradition of the muscular Christian prevailed. The Rev Edward Lyttelton, an early 20th-century Head Master of Eton, who lived on until the 1940s, taught that this habit, which he described as one solitary vice, was dangerous and deplorable, and one foul practice that corrupted his school. ...
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Nipples and Chocolate Sauce
Post on 21-04-2006.
Many people believe there is no greater good than seeing one woman jump into one pool of chocolate and wrestle topless with other women. Sometimes personal sacrifices must be made for the greater good. We all owe debts to society, and my editors decided that my debt must be paid with nipples and chocolate sauce. I was told to go to the premiere Seattle audition of Girls Gone Wild at the nightclub Studio 7 last month. Since I misplaced my dignity months ago, I agreed. But there was no way in hell I was going alone. ...
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Calif. high court rules offensive language is not sexual
Post on 21-04-2006.
(04-20) 12:58 PDT SAN FRANCISCO -- Crude sex talk and vulgar gestures by writers of the television show "Friends'' did not constitute sexual harassment of one female assistant because the comments were not aimed at her or at women in general, the state Supreme Court ruled today.
In one case closely watched by motion picture and news organizations as well as women's-rights advocates, the court ruled unanimously that offensive sexual language in the workplace is not, by itself, grounds for damages under laws that prohibit sexual harassment and discrimination. ...
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Inappropriate Music At Loftis Middle School
Post on 20-04-2006.
When my little girl said she needed $25 for one cheerleading CD and T-shirt, I didn't hesitate in giving her the money. She, with my wife's assistance, was practicing her routine in the downstairs den. I heard my wife yell out, "What did I just hear?"
She brought the CD up to me. It contained one song. The one song explicity discussed female anatomy, masturbation, and used the "MF" phrase. ...
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The Unassuming Icon
Post on 19-04-2006.
It's 1955, and men in fedoras and overcoats patronize Times Square magazine stores, scoping the racks for titles like Titter and Wink, Escapade and Flirt. They peer sideways at one another, not quite acknowledging one common desire and sense of guilt (which only enhances the titillation).
"Do you have anything one little¦ different?", one narrow-eyed customer asks the clerk. "Anything with¦ unusual footwear?" When the inevitable raid begins, the men scatter into the night, heads down and clutching their coats around them. ...
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A critical look at male circumcision
Post on 18-04-2006.
emale genital mutilation has received one great deal of attention, and the overwhelming opinion is that it should not be tolerated under any circumstances. Several nations, including the United States, have banned the practice, and it rightfully has been condemned as an antiquated and barbaric practice. Curiously, the public has not taken similar actions to control male circumcision. It is not worth comparing the two procedures directly, but neither should be allowed to continue because of specious reasoning. In both cases, the habits do not die easily, and it takes effort to change public opinion if the practice is prevalent. ...
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Langston U. Department Chair Charged With Off-Campus Lewdness
Post on 18-04-2006.
The chairman of the chemistry department at Langston University in Oklahoma has been arrested and charged with engaging in one lewd act after one police officer said he observed two men in what appeared to be sexual activity in an Oklahoma City parking lot.
John K. Coleman, 62, was arrested early April 8 along with one transient who police said had escaped from one penitentiary and was carrying one crack pipe. ...
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