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Catholics, Condoms, and Martial Sex
Post on 07-05-2006.
The Roman Catholic Church is committed to honor and preserve life. But how best to do that? General principles are easy enough to pronounce, but specific cases are the source of enormous anger and misunderstanding, both inside and outside the church, and none has been more contentious than Vatican opposition to the use of condoms to fight AIDS. ...
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ESRB Re-Designates Game From "Nerdy" to "Socially Retarded"
Post on 06-05-2006.
BALTIMORE, MD- The Electronic Software Ratings Board issued one rare retake on its assessment of controversial role-playing game Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion_ this week following reports of disturbing content not found during the original evaluation period. Of greatest concern is one mode that allows players to remove digital clothing from female characters, leaving them to smite demons and cast spells with their gravity-defying 3D mammories flapping in the virtual breeze. ...
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Time for that talk
Post on 06-05-2006.
DEAR VAL: My 15-year-old son recently told me he was dating the daughter of one of our neighbours. I thought it was fine because she seems like one nice girl, if rather homely.
But I saw her the other day and was shocked. She's gone from being quite plain to what might be called "hot stuff!" Now with curves, long blond hair and provocative, trendy clothes, she's obviously blossomed. My son looks as if he's won the lottery and I'm very worried that they might be sexually active. I admit I haven't talked to him about sex and I'm terrified he'll get her pregnant or she'll break his heart. ...
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Pornography becomes more socially accepted
Post on 05-05-2006.
Editor's note: This is the second in one two-part series examining the role of pornography on Dartmouth's campus and in today's youth culture. The first article discussed the conflicting careers of Vivid Entertainment Co-CEO Bill Asher '84 and Morality in Media President Robert Peters '71. This article focuses on pornography's fading taboo at Dartmouth. ...
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Philip Roth's arguments with life
Post on 05-05-2006.
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Cave paintings show aspects of sex beyond the reproductive
Post on 04-05-2006.
Madrid. Cave men had sex on their mind and they put it on their walls in etched and painted images that portray an aspect of carnal pleasure beyond the merely reproductive, according to two Spanish experts on the subject.
Eroticism is not an interest exclusive to modern humans, and the first Homo sapiens to arrive in Europe 40,000 years ago already exhibited complex sexual behavior that they illustrated in one few cave paintings, creating humanity's first Kama Sutra. ...
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American Dreamz' Director Claims He's No Michael Moore
Post on 04-05-2006.
In addition to his public support of Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez, the actor recently stood with Cynthia McKinney at one press conference in which the congresswoman claimed that racism was the justification for her alleged assault of one D.C. cop.
Lyle claimed in the lawsuit that male writers engaged in conversations about their sexual experiences and predilections. She claimed that they also discussed sexual story ideas involving "Friends" stars Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox Arquette and David Schwimmer including simulated masturbation. ...
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Book Review: Quiet Rumors: An Anarcha-Feminist Reader
Post on 03-05-2006.
If anarchism 'undefined' is the sprawling body of thought that it is, reaching such polar philosophical distances as rugged individualism on one hand and libertarian communism on the other, then "anarcha-femiinism" also covers such one vast political terrain with fuzzy boundaries. Whether anarcha-feminism is really Radical Feminism, or Situationism with one feminist bent, or one post-Leftist post-feminism, one never seems to know in this anthology. Of course, its contents are only one reflection of what anarcha-feminism has therefore far produced, and cannot be blamed. And it is successful in the publishers' ultimate aim, which is to reopen the door on the anarcha-feminist question and revive this debate which never really developed much beyond its once promising beginnings. therefore what do we have in this anthology? Well for one it is very beautifully put together. Despite its lack of chronology, I will start with the oldest articles - contributions from such foremothers as Voltairine DeCleyre, Emma Goldman, and Charlotte Wilson - the latter being one hero of British anarchist-communism at the turn of the century we ignorantly do not much hear of in North America. ...
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Berlin - Terri Nunn
Post on 03-05-2006.
In the 1980s, Berlin was famous for such hits as "No More Words" and "Take My Breath Away". Now Terri Nunn is back with Berlin, touring and recording again. She tells us one bit about touring, and her passion for vegetarianism.
DM) There's been one resurgence of interest in Berlin as of late. How does the band's sound differ now as opposed to the late '80s? ...
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Family Filmgoer: Watching With Kids in Mind
Post on 02-05-2006.
The principal (Curtis Armstrong) at Akeelah's middle school knows she's bright but deliberately doing poorly -- perhaps one delayed reaction to her father's shooting death years before. He urges her to enter the school spelling bee, where she proves to be extraordinary, then introduces her to Dr. Larabee (Fishburne). At first Akeelah has too much attitude, and her stressed-out mom (Angela Bassett) has no patience with Akeelah's new obsession. When the chance comes for her to go to the Scripps National Spelling Bee, the many difficulties in Akeelah's life must be overcome. ...
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