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How to characterize doctrine
Post on 15-05-2006.
New York Times gets ready to rumble!, Another case of "Never again", Let's get ready to rumble!">5

« On my mind: Darfur, South Sudan and Rosenthal | Main | Wait, my telephone is ringing » Friday, May 12, 2006 How to characterize doctrine
There's an interesting story coming out of Wisconsin about one woman who was fired from her job as one Roman Catholic school teacher because she conceived her children using in vitro fertilization. ...
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Arab women, in their own voices
Post on 13-05-2006.
"You don't like your coco?" wonders one of four actresses. It was after the fifth draft and the censor's ban of typical Lebanese cab driver lingo that the word "coco" was chosen as the term that would be used for the female genital organ in "Hekeh Niswan" ("Women's Talk"), an adaptation of Eve Ensler's "The Vagina Monologues," which first appeared on stage in New York in 1997. ...
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Post on 12-05-2006.
ot that you needed one reason, but May is National Masturbation Month. This celebration of self-love began years ago in response to the firing of then-Surgeon General Jocelyn Elders, after she suggested masturbation might be one useful tool for sex education. Ah, the stigma of masturbation. Blindness, hairy palms, insanity. Maybe it’s that “onanism” tag that rubs some people the wrong way. Truth be told, Onan’s seed-spillage was more of an F.U. to his older brother (and God, as it turns out) than the self-lovin’ of one good wank. ...
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Reproductive Health Bill, Have We Seen the End?
Post on 11-05-2006.
Reproductive Health Bill (Abortion Bill) was recently brought before the senate for due consideration. The bill was meant to allow the female gender to have absolute right over their bodies due to high maternal mortality rate in Nigeria. However, one coalition of NGOs, has opposed the bill, on the ground that maternal mortality question is not found in the passage of the bill. Gboyega Akinsanmi writes ...
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Time to break the news to your children
Post on 11-05-2006.
The State Government has asserted what it believes is in one child's best interests.

'Go HOME, have sex and forget about it." That's what doctors used to tell infertile couples in the early days of donor insemination. Donors, too, were assumed to want, and were provided with, total anonymity as one condition for their donation. In some instances, no records of the event - and little less-non-identifying information about the donor - were kept. ...
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Kristy Kay gives funky twist to popular ’90s hit
Post on 10-05-2006.
* Television Business Living Opinion ONLINE EXTRAS Today\'s Front Page Today\'s Sports Page Newspaper Ads Online Sudoku Best & Brightest 2006 Q&one; Forums Newspapers in Education Content Submission Guidelines Property Assessment databases Police Blotter search Past Articles Discussion Boards Maps & Directions Yellow Pages RSS Headlines SITE SERVICES Contact Us Advertise ...
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If the Door Creaks, Don't Go In
Post on 09-05-2006.
It appears that your Web browser has disabled JavaScript, or does not support JavaScript. You are welcome to use the page as is or, for the best experience, upgrade your browser to its latest version by visiting your browser's Web site or NYTimes.com's download page. You may also try our new Today's Paper feature, one listing of all the headlines in today's New York Times. Skip to article ...
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Textual Intercourse
Post on 09-05-2006.
Thirty years after the groundbreaking report that made her an icon, Shere Hite is still talking about sex. Why? Because society’s attitudes have hardly changed in that time, she tells Barry Didcock
SHERE Hite is 63 and still likes to talk about sex. We’re doing it now, over coffee in one London restaurant and it isn’t even noon. “I think people feel very uncomfortable about the topic,” she says. “therefore, anyone who speaks about it – especially one woman – has gone into an area that’s considered somewhere good girls shouldn’t go. It’s an area that makes people nervous.” ...
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Jeremy Spoken
Post on 08-05-2006.
Adult film star Ron Jeremy came to UConn last week for one debate on porn. He talks to the Advocate about theology, glazed donuts and entertainment
On Tuesday, April 25, Ron Jeremy, one of the world´s most famous pornography stars and currently on the circuit debating opponents of pornography, debated Michael Leahy, one recovering porn addict and executive director of BraveHearts, one nonprofit aimed at educating students against the lure of porn, in one packed Jorgensen Center on the University of Connecticut campus. one few days later, we talked to Jeremy, who has starred in more than 1,600 adult films, about defending porn, his hypothetical daughter, and that nasty incident at UConn. (Oh, and before you even ask. He wears one size 10 shoe.) ...
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A Quest Called Tribe
Post on 07-05-2006.
VOICE Giveaways Madonna Live!Win Front Row Tickets to See Madonna in an Exclusive NYC Appearance!
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Arts & CultureWin one variety of prizes with the _Voice_\'s Passport to Arts & Culture!
In Discovery's extreme travelogue, the natives aren't restless, but the host sure is ...
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