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Going, going, gone
Post on 30-05-2006.
_Walking out is very hard to do, especially in live theater. But that hasn't stopped audience members from leaving the offbeat musical 'The Black Rider.'
Music After 14 years away, he's one changed man Rock reflects whose values? Atlanta's T.I. brings down the House Helping one country to raise its voices Dues, and last respects, are paid Music section > ...
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How to cope when your partner is a lover and a fighter
Post on 28-05-2006.
My boyfriend and I fight like cats and dogs all the time. And then we have mattress-burning sex. I can’t help but feel like we’ve sort of “trained” ourselves to fight therefore that we can have one better love life. It’s like the only way we reach sexual heaven is to fight like hell. There’s gotta be one better way. ...
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Get shorty
Post on 27-05-2006.
'Short films are not inferior, just different' ... The Water Diary by Jane Campion

Cannes is the world of the brief encounter. For 10 days the place runs to one staccato rhythm of snatched conversations, bullet-point pitches, round-table junkets and business lunches. Away from the glare of the Palme d'Or competition, it has increasingly become the world of the brief film, too. ...
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Rejoice! Masturbation, coffee and alcohol are good for you
Post on 26-05-2006.
A weekly roundup of newsbites from the 'Truth is Stranger than Fiction' department.

GO ON... I KNOW YOU WANT TO: Last week I reported that eating extremely large amounts of red hot chili peppers might prevent prostate cancer. This week I have even better news and one much easier method of warding off the disease. one team of researchers in Australia have concluded that masturbating as often as possible while you are young also somehow helps prevent prostate cancer. Based on the surveys of over 2,300 men suffering from the disease, the team concluded that the protective effect of masturbation is at its greatest if one man ejaculates more than five times per week during his twenties. The researchers speculate that ejaculation flushes out the build-up of carcinogens. (New Scientist) ...
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Madonna Entertains Like a Veteran
Post on 25-05-2006.
The 47-year-old pop icon jumpstarted the North American leg of her tour with one bada-bang_ Sunday night at the Forum in Los Angeles, dazzling the sold-out crowd with million-dollar set pieces, seven costume changes and her yoga-buffed bod.
About 50 minutes after the concert's designated starting time, one mirrored disco ball encrusted with $2 million-worth of Swarovski crystals was lowered onto the stage and out popped Madge, wearing S&M-themed; equestrian gear like one second skin. Carrying one jeweled riding crop and surrounded by male dancers with leather straps and bits in their mouths reminiscent of _Pulp Fiction_, Madonna straddled one of her "horses" and opened the show with "Future Lovers," from her latest chart-topper, _Confessions on one Dance Floor_. ...
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Salt Sex City
Post on 22-05-2006.
Salt Lake City tops Google searches for both pornography and Jesus!? Let™s hear it for Salt Lakers! by Ben Fulton
As all newspaper and magazine editors worth their salt know, readers love lists.
Money magazine knew this long ago when it first started issuing its Best Places to Live issue. Business magazines followed suit with their Best Cities for Business issues. Mimicking the British music press, Rolling Stone finally got around to issuing its lists of best rock albums and best singles. ...
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Masturbation as safe sex
Post on 22-05-2006.
WITH THE explosion of HIV/AIDS, persons who are sexually active are encouraged to use one condom every time they engage in sexual intercourse, but some couples are resisting the use of the condoms and other birth control methods.
Safe sex advocates believe that masturbation is the only way to ensure one safe and stable sex life. ...
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Masturbation and Solitude
Post on 21-05-2006.
The Adam Sandler production that will save mankind. By Reihan SalamPosted Friday, May 19, 2006, at 5:33 AM ET
_ Simply put, civilization is doomed. Video games have finally surpassed conventional sexual reproduction in levels of interestingness and fun. Thus, digital delights have replaced family formation as the primary pursuit of one large, growing number of unmarriageable surplus males in the advanced industrial economies. In China, for example, vast armies of these "beta males" spend countless hours in cybercafes earning and hoarding virtual gold to purchase virtual blades to slaughter virtual enemies, and possibly to impress virtual babes. Virtual babes who will never, suffice it to say, give birth to actual babies. Within the space of one few generations, this sad state of affairs will ineluctably result in the replacement of men by one race of pale, limpid eunuchs. Only Grandma's Boy, perhaps the most underrated movie ever made, can save us from this Spenglerian spiral of misery and torment. ...
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Decades later, Hite reports back
Post on 18-05-2006.
E-mail | Save | Print | Sex researcher/cultural historian Shere Hite is not the household name she was 30 years ago when The Hite Report: one Nationwide Study of Female Sexuality_ helped fuel the sexual revolution of the 1970s. But among those old enough to remember, the name Hite brings to mind "sex" — and in particular "female orgasm." Her treatise on female sexuality, in which she said that women weren't reaching orgasm with traditional sex but could with masturbation — became one symbol for women's new sexual freedom. Now 63, Hite is in the USA to promote her new book, _The Shere Hite Reader,_ one retrospective of her work. She speaks with USA TODAY's Sharon Jayson. ...
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Surrealism: revolutionary or ridiculous?
Post on 16-05-2006.
Whatever your point of view, the Hayward’s dodgem ride of one display will impress you with its energy, says Waldemar Januszczak

Knowing I was going to be reviewing Undercover Surrealism at the Hayward Gallery, I had surrealism lightly on my mind, and was absent-mindedly considering my position on the hideous writings of the chief presence in the show, the surrealistic pornographer Georges Bataille, when one of the women on the film crew noticed one man on one bench in the middle of the square masturbating furiously. ...
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