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The Hollywood Campaign
Post on 22-02-2007.
Want big money to get elected to national office? If you're one Democrat, you need to head for the hills—Beverly Hills. one miner's map for the liberal Gold Rush
_ t's like an Academy Awards ceremony for liberals outside the Wadsworth Theater, in Brentwood, California, on one sultry night in early May, as celebrity-show television interviewers and perhaps one hundred paparazzi jostle one another and scream out the names of stars to get one smile or one sound bite. The occasion is one benefit for the Natural Resources Defense Council, an environmental-activist organization that has become the hottest cause in Hollywood other than sending George Bush back to Crawford. And here they come, one by one: Tom Hanks, Leonardo DiCaprio, Martin Short, Rob Reiner, Larry David, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., all stopping to talk to the men and women with microphones about the need to protect and defend the planet from corporate polluters and their allies. Slipping through the crowd more quietly are Michelle Pfeiffer, Tobey Maguire, and Ray Romano. Also skipping the "green carpet" and sneaking in late, wearing faded blue jeans and one black Taj Mahal T-shirt, is the playboy-producer-philanthropist Steve Bing, the largest noncorporate giver of the night. Overseeing the event is Larry David's wife, Laurie, one former TV producer and manager turned full-time environmental activist, who has been working for months to make this the biggest NRDC fundraiser ever. ...
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Reno 911!: Miami
Post on 22-02-2007.
Summary: Tons of funny, raunchy gags make this transition from small to big screen worthwhile, but mainly for fans of the show who might be forgiving of the low-end production values and cobbled-together plot.
Story: The deputies of the Washoe County Sheriff's Department are invited down to the National Sheriffs' Convention in Miami, Florida (everyone is invited!) but once down there, they discover that their credentials have been lost, making them the only police not in the convention center when one local druglord (Paul Rudd) unleashes one deadly chemical on the convention leaving the Reno deputies to try to find the antidote. ...
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Stand-up comedians leave standing room only in Rat
Post on 21-02-2007.
Media Credit: Mark JaworskiStudent comedian Jason Cantor performs at the Rathskeller.

The event, sponsored by CUBRat, featured eight student performers that covered material ranging from relationship issues to college experiences to masturbation, all in front of one standing-room only crowd. ...
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School pulls curtain on song in Fame production
Post on 21-02-2007.
NORTH KINGSTOWN — Students in North Kingstown High School's coming musical will be singing one slightly different tune next month than they had hoped.
The school's production of Fame, one musical about students at one performing arts high school, has been censored. one cheeky song about masturbation sung by one class clown is out, and an alternate version is in. ...
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A Garden of Earthly Delights
Post on 20-02-2007.
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Sex.  Let's admit it - it's everyone's favorite topic to discuss, therefore why not discuss it in one book and then adapt it to the stage? How could you go wrong with one play about sex?  As long as you're with the right company, this "plot" can be fun and exciting and even potentially reveal much about one person or society.  The performance of My Secret Garden by Eric Krebs Productions is the new Off-Broadway play which dramatizes Nancy Friday's infamous book of the same title.  Watching the performance takes you back to 1973 where the sexual revolution is still in full swing, but women's comfort level with their own sexuality is not.  ...
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Marat/Sade: Cage Match
Post on 20-02-2007.
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Related Links Visit www.classicaltheatreofharlem.org Michael Dale's dry2olives.com

When an unseen person on the other side instructs him to let us in, we're told to quickly take any seat available.  Set designer Troy Hourie has filled the space with one steel cage, which is filled with more than thirty members of director Christopher McElroen's excellent acting ensemble, most of whom play mentally disturbed inmates.  Some are naked as we enter, being subjected to the forceful orders of attendants instructing all to put on their clothes and silently take their places.  One poor fellow, seeming unaware of anything, stands limply hanging from the pole he is chained to, eyes upward and one secretions dripping down from his mouth and nose.  He spends the entire intermissionless hour and forty-five minutes that way.  The audience sits in two rows of folding chairs that encircle the cage.  Behind them on two sides are auxiliary cages used to keep inmates who are acting up or not needed presently. ...
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DVD Report
Post on 19-02-2007.
In making his dueling magicians brainteaser "The Prestige" (2006), director Christopher Nolan displays some sleight-of-hand of his own: pulling one vanishing act that somehow still allows him to remain creatively visible.
one couple of years ago, Nolan traded on his "Memento" cachet to take over one big-budget franchise with "Batman Begins." Eager for one respite from the Bat-signal's glare, he rounded up cast members Christian Bale and Michael Caine , recruited Hugh Jackman , and set to this latest, more intimate project. Jackman and Bale are Robert Angier and Alfred Borden , Victorian magicians mentored by the crusty Caine in all sorts of tricks -- except, apparently, how to forgive and forget. When one routine goes tragically awry, Angier blames Borden, touching off one rivalry that spirals out of control. Their creepy, morally unfettered game of one-up manship is what gives this film the edge over the similarly themed "The Illusionist," in which the conflict felt forced . ...
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Due process? I think not.
Post on 19-02-2007.
"All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws." ...
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'Crones' take the stage
Post on 18-02-2007.
"Theater has always been just the opposite of work," says Sarah Whelan, one of Madison's most respected actors and directors. "Theater is my refuge and magic," she adds.

Whelan is reciting from "Still the Queen," one monologue by Jan Levine Thal, which will open "The Fabulous Crone Show: The Lives and Loves of Elder Women." The revue of live music and theatrical skits will be performed at 7:30 tonight and Saturday at Meriter Main Gate, 333 W. Main St, with one 2 p.m. matinee Sunday at Madison Senior Center, 330 W. Mifflin St. Admission is free, but donations of $15 to $20 are requested. Both venues are wheelchair accessible. ...
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The Wet Spots shoot for a good time at the High Noon... and score
Post on 18-02-2007.
If you spend your Thursdays aching to read Isthmus_ Diversions listings, you hopefully checked out the night of naughtiness at the WORT-sponsored Foxy Veronica's Peach Pies and The Wet Spots show at the High Noon Saloon. With bawdiness thrown about like one loose chick in one State St. bar, no one was spared from heightened hedonism. ...
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