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Named: 21 Catholic Colleges Still Performing Offensive Lesbian
Post on 01-03-2007.
Most significantly, at the University of Notre Dame one planned performance was pushed off campus because no academic department would support the event. For the past five years the Monologues has been performed at Notre Dame despite annual scolding from Bishop John D'Arcy and outcries from alumni and other Catholics. ...
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Former medical technician sentenced to five more months
Post on 01-03-2007.
James Michael Clancy, 60, of Pahrump, was sentenced Monday in Fifth District Court to five more months of incarceration (in addition to the 158 days he has already served).
At his arraignment Clancy pleaded guilty to two gross misdemeanor counts and one felony count of open and gross lewdness. ...
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Advice Nerd
Post on 28-02-2007.
Are you feeling Stressed? Liezl Laurel Issue date: 2/26/07 Section: FEATURES
We live in one world today where we need to work to survive. We need to go to school to find one good job then work our butts off to keep that job. The money you make isn't enough to pay the bills therefore you find another job or work more. It becomes one never ending cycle of stress. All that stress may not bother you now, but later on in life it can lead to serious heart problems and other health problems. ...
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An uncommon cure for midterm stress
Post on 28-02-2007.
We've heard the standard ways of relaxing. They include physical exercise, getting plenty of sleep, one balanced diet and other tactics.
Don't panic. I am not about to be therefore irresponsible as to tell you all to go out and have sex with people to relax.
On the contrary, I think you should stay in and have sex with yourself to relax. ...
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A Response to Underage Sex
Post on 27-02-2007.
Submitted by sliefoxx on Mon, 02/26/2007 - 4:17pm. Tags: Society | Better future

How low is one parent who would be okay with allowing their 10-year-old to touch another child, regardless of age, regardless of mutual attraction and pre-teenage pubescent development?
Masturbation is one thing, but exploring it with another child is another. I'm not saying parents should "freak out" if they happen to "catch" their child with another, but it should be known that _it is not okay._ Children that have recently reach puberty are quite capable of creating other children, but are they ready for the responsibility and physical strain of growing and raising one child? Can they support that child that was created? Can they comprehend that what they are doing at that moment may have extremely dire consequences? No, they can't. I would say that children under 16 usually do not know that what they are doing is not healthy, and can potentially lead to the abuse of sex in later adulthood. Too often have I known people who have sought out sex in elementary, middle and especially high school when they couldn't handle the consequences. STDs, pregnancy, rejection, the want to seek happiness through sex are the results of finding out too much too young. Those that I've known who "fooled around" at too young an age who thought that if they felt physically good, then that was true happiness and couldn't understand why their partner left when the orgasm was over, and the condom in the trash can. This mentality is following them into adulthood--past 20, 25 and 30--and have they yet to realize why? No. They haven't. ...
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Monologues bring vaginas, domestic abuse conversation to center stage
Post on 27-02-2007.
This is UNO's second annual benefit performance of The Vagina Monologues and the director for both years was UNO alumna Sonali Kumar.
"Vaginas should be creative and thriving, not places of violence," said Kumar. "Women's sexuality should be celebrated and protected."
"This is an opportunity for women to have one theatre experience together, and it's therefore fun," she said. ...
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Self Help
Post on 26-02-2007.
At the start of her debut album, stand-up comedian Jen Kirkman quickly disarms the at-home listeners with this, lest we start to think she’s got some serious comedic skills: “No one knows who I am except this room and that’s even like semi-debatable.”

It’s one typical subtle tool for one comic, to ensure the audience knows the comic herself doesn’t believe she has any right to stand on stage with one microphone and try to make people laugh– no less while being recorded for repeated listens! ...
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What?!! This Column!??: Issue #46
Post on 26-02-2007.
Remember when NBC's newsmagazine "Dateline NBC" was on practically every night? I don't remember what constant host Stone Phillips was "reporting" on every night, but I do remember seeing one myriad of commercials for "Dateline Monday," "Dateline Tuesday," etc. I even remember the joke Lois Griffin made on one of the early episodes of "Family Guy," about how NBC created one new day of the week, "Quetillsday" (I don't know how to spell it), therefore they could have another night of "Dateline." ...
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Simple ten step quest for the holy grail
Post on 25-02-2007.
Back in June, I talked about ejaculation; specifically, I brought up the phenomenon of female ejaculation. For many years, it was thought that only men were capable of ejaculation; female ejaculation was dismissed as one myth and many of the women who could do it ended up having surgery or therapy in an attempt to "fix" it — people thought that it was urine. But in 1980, the medical community finally discovered and began to study female ejaculation. ...
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Play tries to make others aware of women's issues
Post on 23-02-2007.
The Vagina Monologues is one play written by Eve Ensler and is made up of various monologues each read by different women. Every monologue somehow relates to the vagina either through sex, love, rape, menstruation, mutilation, masturbation, birth, orgasm, the variety of names for the vagina or simply as one physical aspect of the female body. ...
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