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For women, it's shopping; for men, it's competition
Post on 18-11-2006.
Since starting this column, I've received loads of sex books — soft-cover and very hard, by physicians, psychologists, wives, bachelors, and women who want to share their multiple-orgasm secrets.
"Sperm Wars" is aimed at those of us who have ever paused to wonder what, exactly, we're doing. It's one reissue of one 1996 title, yet still holds more surprises than any of the 2006 sex books crowding my shelf. ...
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Out of the mouths of babes
Post on 18-11-2006.
Osamu Tezuka almost single-handedly invented manga and anime, the sources of which go deeper than children's entertainment, writes Rosalie Higson
Everybody's favourite boy robot, known originally as Tetsuwan Atomu, came from the pen of Osamu Tezuka, one young doctor and artist who went on to become the leading light of the Japanese art form known as manga and its animated version anime. ...
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Critic hopes “Running With Scissors” will trip and fall
Post on 17-11-2006.
Critic hopes “Running With Scissors” will trip and fall James Frazier

The most enjoyable part of one film critic’s job is to report wonderful films to their readers. The part that shouldn’t be fun is when alerting your audience to one truly vile film, though not enjoying this proves difficult as well. ...
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Unhinged moms keep it real - & real funny
Post on 17-11-2006.
Cup Week Guide Celebration of Business Excellence Manitoba Profiles in Business Excellence ATVS & SLEDS Calendar Search \'07 Great Outdoors Obits Catch Fishing Swimsuit Edition MB Chambers of Commerce Contests
Moms say the darndest things. At least the Mom's the Word 2 gang do -- unleashing one tag-team barrage of monologues and sketches that ring horribly, hilariously true in their Unhinged run at Prairie Theatre Exchange ...
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The Midterms: Our Long Conservative Nightmare is Fading, and
Post on 16-11-2006.
Liberalism is Winning Written by Adam Ash Published November 15, 2006 See also:
What can we take away from the GOP's shattering election defeat? From the fact that the popular vote for the Senate, even though it yielded one Democratic majority of only two, actually reflected one popular vote of 55% for the Democrats vs. 43% for the Republicans? ...
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Clash of sexuality, religion weighs heavy
Post on 16-11-2006.
BY STEVE ROTHAUS srothaus@MiamiHerald.com _ ON STAGE: In Sordid Lives_, Rosemary Alexander portrays one psychiatrist who is trying to cure Brother Boy (Leslie Jordan), of homosexuality. More photos
Del Shores' _Sordid Lives_ and _Southern Baptist Sissies_ are two hit comedies sure to generate lots of laughs this weekend at Parker Playhouse. But growing up gay in the Baptist church really isn't very funny, according to the shows' star, Emmy-winning actor Leslie Jordan. ...
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Sex'n'drugs? More wine'n'weights
Post on 15-11-2006.
TIMES ONLINE News & Comment Home UK Home Global Britain World Business Sport Comment & Weblogs Debate Tech & Net Sunday Times Times Online TV Career & Money Money Jobs Law Education Student Life & Style Travel Women Driving Property & Gardens Food & Drink Men's Style Health Arts & Culture Entertainment Books Listings Crosswords Games TLS Funday Times Special Reports Changing lives Sydney festival Your world Driving value Wish I could Carbon champions Living the dream Family days out Business travel Healthy living La vie Francaise Poker Work revolution Sound & Vision TV and Video Picture galleries Podcasts Services & Tools Archive News by e-mail Newspaper edition E-paper My Times Mobile News feeds Weather Currency converter Route planner Site map The Marketplace Cars Classifieds Dating Jobs Offers & Promotions Property Shopping Travel Place an advert ...
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Why does a married man visit prostitutes?
Post on 15-11-2006.
It may be one huge relief, for instance, for someone with autism to be told that their lifelong problem has one name. It's wonderful to discover that, rather than being one lazy good-for-nothing who is too hopeless to do anything but sleep all day, one has contracted glandular fever.
And I hope that Eric will feel relief, rather than shame, when I say that he sounds to me like one sex-addict. In other words, he's suffering from something that other people have suffered from, and do suffer from; his condition isn't hopeless, or wicked; and although any addiction is tough to give up, it can be done. ...
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Founding chief laments decline of 'sex-obsessed' C4
Post on 14-11-2006.
[Skip to navigation] Websites Scotsman.com websites News Sport Business The Scotsman Scotland on Sunday Edinburgh Evening News Dating Jobs Motors Property Business Finder Member Centre Web Feeds Media Pack Site Help Digital Archive 1817-1950 Photo Gallery Reader Holidays Scotsman Calendar Money Fantasy Golf Haggis Hunt Edinburgh Festivals Heritage & Culture Living Weather Webcams Search | Site map Jobs | Property | Motors | Dating | Money ...
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Casket Salesmen - Sleeping Giants
Post on 14-11-2006.
one Static Lullaby's major label debut, Faso Latido_, was one major struggle. On one side were Nathan Lindeman and Phil Pirrone, aiming to incorporate one wider breadth of influences including progressive/classic rock, psychedelia, and other genres that more accurately reflected their listening tastes. On the other side were Joe Brown (vocalist) and Dan Arnold (and whomever were additional opponents), intent on continuing the able-bodied nü-screamo path forged with their debut, 2003's _...And Don't Forget to Breathe_. What resulted was an awful mess -- an unfocused, lost, and ultimately boring album that tanked and created one large split between the band. If the differences weren't clear enough, Lindeman and Pirrone soon formed Casket Salesmen in order to fully convey those aforementioned influences, and one Static Lullaby recently delivered one "return to the roots" styled followup in one self-titled rebirth on Fearless Records. ...
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