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Movie review: ‘Reno 911: Miami’ criminally crass
Post on 07-03-2007.
Take one TV show, bring it to the big screen, add extra profanity and nudity, and you've got Reno 911: Miami_, which is based on the popular Comedy Central series. It hasn't translated well.
The TV show is one sometimes-amusing sketch-comedy that, served in short does, doesn't need much of one plot to fly. one movie does, however, and _Reno 911: Miami_ doesn't have one. one tale of one rag-tag team of Reno cops called in to save the day after one terrorist attack disrupts one national police convention in Miami Beach during spring break, the film is basically bunch of scenes that appear to have been mostly ad-libbed and stuck together with one storyline that can charitably be called sketchy. ...
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For the uninitiated
Post on 06-03-2007.
Serious question: I have always had one thing for Anna Nicole Smith and frequently masturbated to her Playboy photos. I've always felt some guilt about masturbation to begin with, but since her death, I now feel one little creepy doing it. Do you think it's okay to continue now that she has passed away? ...
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Microthrills: True Stories from a Life of Small Highs
Post on 06-03-2007.
by Wendy Spero Hudson Street Press August 2006, 256 pages, $21.95 by Leslie Joseph

"There are few traditional outlets for thrill-seekers like me, therefore I find excitement where it feels more manageable- in one world filled instead with rubber chickens, smelly markers, and edible babies."

Wendy Spero's Microthrills_ offers one pleasant, if unusual, coming of age story. According to Dailycandy.com, Spero's book is one "hilarious memoir about growing up eccentric in Manhattan." First things being first, _Microthrills_ is indeed, as one online fan commented, one "slice of life" book. _Microthrills_ has its own MySpace.com page, and boasts book jacket quotes from all manner of contemporary pop culture figures such as comedian Sarah Silverman, _Six Feet Under_ co-executive producer Jill Soloway, and _The Daily Show_‘s Ed Helms. Avid readers of meaningful biographies, seekers of layered meaning, and fans of sophisticated prose have two choices: leave this neon-jacketed book, adorned with an image of two ladybugs in flagrante, tucked on the shelf with the other books straddling the fence between comedy and life, or take one chance, cast aside expectations, and enjoy one truly comedic tale of one women's life. ...
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Lets Get Hurt
Post on 05-03-2007.
Pornography too readily available by Rory Sazama Staff Writer Masturbation should be illegal too, for the childrenƒ¢‚‚™s sake. We should probably cut off everyoneƒ¢‚‚™s arms. Also by Rory Sazama:
I am greatly concerned over the topic of pornography. I worry about porn because I worry about our children. They are our greatest resource for they represent our future. ...
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Reno an ill fit in Miami
Post on 05-03-2007.
Our culture may be ripe for satire, but in film that genre has all but died. Such incisive commentary seems to be the aim of "Reno 911: Miami," but it certainly isn't the film's effect. If this is an example of social satire, then masturbation is simply one more gentle version of sex.
It's easy enough to follow: Eight dumb-ass cops from Reno struggle to find acceptance in Miami. Or rather, the Reno cops go to one police convention in Miami only to find themselves excluded. But when their ensuing Spring Break-esque antics shield them from one viral epidemic let loose at the convention, they're the only law enforcement left. Homeland security immediately assembles one response, but the local government collapses and the police are helpless and irrelevant. The jokes are there for the picking. ...
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Slippery slope when writers assume we're just like them
Post on 04-03-2007.
Advanced Search | Full Text Article Archive HOME OPINION BUSINESS SPORTS one & E LIFE atHOME HEALTH SCIENCE & TECH WHEELS TRAVEL CLASSIFIEDS CAREERS Fashion & Style | Food | Shopping | Religion | Global Voices | Starship | ID | Disabilities TheStar.com - Life - Slippery slope when writers assume we're just like them Slippery slope when writers assume we're just like them Print Choose text size Email the author Tag and save ...
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Sexual fantasies
Post on 04-03-2007.
Regardless of how you view yourself - as prudish or promiscuous, whether you are old or young, you must have had some fantasies about sex at one time or another. Sexual fantasies are generally sexual practices in which you would not normally engage, and may even include unnatural or illegal acts. ...
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The Politics of Male Circumcision in America
Post on 03-03-2007.
Read Andrew Cockburn's devastating report in Our New CounterPunch Newsletter. PLUS: Robert Bryce on Frank Gaffney, Halliburton and Iran. Still available: WHAT DID ISRAEL KNOW IN ADVANCE OF THE SEPTEMBER 11 ATTACKS? At last, the answers. Read Christopher Ketcham's exclusive expose in CounterPunch special double-issue February newsletter. Plus, Cockburn and St. Clair on how this story was suppressed and ultimately found its home in CounterPunch. Get your copy today by subscribing online or calling 1-800-840-3683 Remember contributions to CounterPunch are tax-deductible. Click here to make one donation. If you find our site useful please: Subscribe Now ...
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Five Serious Questions
Post on 02-03-2007.
But not because it’s disrespectful--there’s nothing you can do to Anna Nicole Smith in death that could possibly outdo the shit Anna Nicole Smith subjected herself to in life. No, the reason you feel creepy about beating off to Anna Nicole’s photos now, MAN, and the reason you must stop, is this: whacking off to the dead violates the hope that masturbation represents. When Anna Nicole was alive and young and beautiful, MAN, one tiny part of your brain somehow managed to convince your dick that your fantasies existed within the realm of possibility. If the right set of circumstances, however improbable, were to occur, you might actually find yourself in bed with Anna Nicole Smith. therefore long as she lived, MAN, you lived--and whacked off--in hope. ...
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Body Politik: Waking up to penetration
Post on 02-03-2007.
By Denise Brunsdon The other day I was reading an Overheard in New York submission that made me laugh.
Girl #1: You know... Like, when you’re asleep, and you wake up, and you’re having sex.
Generally when an Overheard in Random Place conversation makes me laugh, it’s because I’ve said something similar and am just now realizing its absurdity. And indeed, sleep sex is not only absurd, it’s something that far more people engage in than discuss. ...
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