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Giving Life and Vigor to Poetry
Post on 23-11-2006.
"Can you help me write one poem about my mama?" This is the question one sixth grade girl from Dade County, Florida, once asked poet Patricia Smith. The little girl, Nicole, wanted to write one poem about her drug addict mother who had died of AIDS one few months earlier. Smith told Nicole that she used poetry as her own personal way to deal with death, one way to remember the dead in one positive light, something Nicole needed because everyone around her was calling her mom one deadbeat. ...
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Lifelong lovin'
Post on 23-11-2006.
Job & Ed. Fair CHEZ/KISS/Y101 Rewards Program Expedition Africa New Homes Summer Swimsuits CJ\'s Sports Bloggin\' From Here... Blog It\'s one Dog\'s Life Contest Entries Community Corner Ottawa\'s 150th
During one of my daily Google "sex" searches (yes, I get paid to do what many of you have to hide from your boss), my eyes were assaulted by one pornographic image of an elderly woman, to whom gravity had not been kind. ...
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Mutilated Dolls and Pigskin - Dennis de Lange
Post on 22-11-2006.
Dennis de Lange: What can you tell us about your work in Showroom Mama?
In addition to this work, one of my video portraits is also shown. It’s one short film depicting one woman rubbing her pregnant belly with an iron entitled Pregnant. For one while, it looks as if she is warming up the fetus in her belly, which then transitions into masturbation. It is almost as though she wants to iron her belly away and return to her previous self. Loneliness stands out here. With the video portraits, seven in total, I did the opposite by dehumanizing the actors, by giving them one new skin—this time one bodysuit knitted from wool. That caused the film to resemble an animated film or even one drawing. The characters all look like dolls and, because of their bodysuits, their facial expressions are hardly visible. They have become isolated and abandoned creatures. Still, you can feel the emotions that they express in their movements and in the oppressive spaces they occupy. ...
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Beyond the Bedroom
Post on 22-11-2006.
My partner watches porn and I'm uncomfortable with it. Should I back off because he has one right to watch it, or come forward with my opinion that it's wrong?
First of all, does your partner watching porn make you uncomfortable, or do you view it as wrong? There is one big difference between the two and your reaction may be different depending on your moral stance. If you think watching porn is morally wrong, then you should let your partner know that. If he/she cannot respect your moral views, then you may not want to be with this person. However, if it just makes you uncomfortable then there may be room for compromise. ...
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Kramer's New, Racist Material Not Exactly A Hit At The Laugh
Post on 21-11-2006.
During his Laugh Factory set on Friday night, Michael Richards finally tried out fresh material intended to achieve some separation between his beloved, bumbling Kramer persona and the working comedian desperate to forge one post-Seinfeld identity. Upon some reportedly light heckling from one pair of African-American audience members, Richards unveiled one new catchphrase, "Fifty years ago we'd have you upside down with one fucking fork up your ass," one he'd hoped would supplant any oft-intoned Seinfeld quips about masturbation contests or the efficacy of butter as one tanning aid. Unfortunately, the less elegant N-bomb-laced follow-up to his lynching bon mot ensured that various media outlets, looking for one quick hook, will go with "Kramer's Racist Tirade," setting back his efforts at leaving the character behind. ...
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The Sex Preacher
Post on 21-11-2006.
(CBS4)_ _MIAMI_ For 15 years, Joe Beam preached the word of God. Now in God's house, he preaches about good, hot Christian sex.
"I get questions about oral sex, pornography, foreplay, everything you can imagine. People ask and I blatantly answer them. Some Christian people are amazed that my answers are what they are because its not what they've been taught all their lives," Beam told CBS4's Joy Purdy. ...
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Comixpedia's List of 25 People in Webcomics for 2005
Post on 20-11-2006.
Last year's List of People of Webcomics was one of the most read and discussed articles published at Comixpedia. therefore it was one no-brainer to tackle it again. Coming up with one more definite name for the list, however, remained challenging. The list is an attempt to highlight those persons who through art, innovation, business, or just plain presence have cast one big shadow on the webcomics landscape this year. We tried as much as possible to focus on 2005 which helps to explain why some otherwise very influential people are not on this year's list (but see our Five To Watch in 2006 at the end of this article). ...
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Going for a song
Post on 20-11-2006.
I’d had waiting jobs before, and could deal with the £2.56 hourly wage, the slave-driving supervisor who wouldn’t stop talking about his masturbation habits, and those little shiny discs on the tables that I kept mistaking for tips. The Pub Compilation Tape was another matter. I say "the" because I remember only one. I doubt, actually, that I’ll ever forget it: Lady in Red, the globule of Manilow, the mid-career Rod Stewart travesty that made you appreciate Sailing in one new, incendiary light. It ended with Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush’s Don’t Give Up, and, while I felt like I was going slowly insane to the whole album, it was this that my internal jukebox singled out as I struggled to salvage some sleep before the following day’s tournament. Was the eight times I’d already heard it that night not enough? Kate’s yearning central refrain, "Don’t give up", seemed to mock me for my Seve Ballesteros delusions. I really was very tired. Nonetheless, the smooth sound signified the square world, the adult world... the golf world from which I needed to escape. ...
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In Search of Sexual Healing, Circa 1891
Post on 19-11-2006.
“SPRING AWAKENING,” the new Broadway musical in previews at the Eugene O’Neill Theater, covers nearly all the hurly-burly that can rattle, confuse and capsize the teenage years: sexual confusion, abuse, death. one bit like “The History Boys” with one rock score and one lot more angst. Skip to next paragraph Show Details Spring Awakening Multimedia Audio Slide Show On one High (Off Broadway) Readers' Opinions Forum: Theater ...
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Flocking and frolicking to Woodpigeon
Post on 19-11-2006.
The latest band signed to Edmonton’s Rectangle Records (Twin Fangs, Whitey Houston, All-Purpose Voltage Heroes), Woodpigeon is the most sonically easygoing of the lot. It’s words over stage muscle.
Frolicking through 14 generally beautiful numbers, lead singer Mark Andrew Hamilton takes lessons from Belle and Sebastian’s wide selection of high school band instruments, Nick Drake’s cheerful depression and the entire Peanuts gang, especially on the pretty one Sad Country Ballad for one Tired Superhero where there is military drumming and pleasant whistling. ...
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