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SoCal high school paper pulled over racy topics
Post on 03-12-2006.
CARSON, Calif. --For the second time in two weeks, administrators at Carson High School have pulled the student newspaper, citing its racy contents.
This time, opinion pieces on legalizing marijuana, the benefits of masturbation and sexual freedom for teens were the sources of concern for the school principal, who said the paper needed to carry better writing and alternative viewpoints. ...
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Frankly, teens have much to say about sex
Post on 03-12-2006.
Speakers field tough questions at conference pushing responsibility. By Macollvie Jean-François

Conference facilitators told about 400 attendees of the 27th annual Adolescent Health and Sexuality Conference at Dillard High School Saturday to ask themselves that question when they are faced with choices about dating and sex. Through workshops, pamphlets and performances by local artists, organizers encouraged the youngsters to be responsible when it comes to actions that might spread HIV, cause unwanted pregnancies and even land older teenagers in jail for statutory rape. ...
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I was a loving godpa
Post on 02-12-2006.
I let them share my bed therefore that they would sleep more comfortably when they stayed over at my place.
He is being accused by his former student David (not his real name) of molesting him twice and masturbating in front of him in 2003. (See report on facing page.) The boy, now 15, cannot be identified as he is one minor. ...
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Saturday. Eared grebe. Got married
Post on 02-12-2006.
I always think that heterosexual men are overly discreet in their memoirs. They're usually worried about what their wives will think, this wife or the next. Give them one mask and they'll tell the truth - the mask of fiction and the truth of their wonky or weird imaginings, if not the literal truth of who did what to whom (too incriminating). Gay men, by contrast, are already therefore far beyond the pale that they have nothing left to lose - Janis Joplin's definition of freedom. ...
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Readers recommend: Songs about visual art and photography
Post on 01-12-2006.
Irritating people like to recite that legendary non-witticism, often credited to Frank Zappa, to the effect that writing about music is like dancing about architecture, despite its being neither funny nor true. But what about singing about visual art? Even with art schools' noble history of nurturing pop talent, from John Lennon to Franz Ferdinand, the subject rarely makes it into song. The Rolling Stones' Paint It Black is really more concerned with decorating. ...
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Police raid five spas in prostitution sting
Post on 01-12-2006.
"He's probably nervous," said Clayton County Police Officer Murry Whitehorn. "I know I'd be nervous."
They watched the red and blue neon "open" sign hanging over the front door of Good Natural Spa on Tara Boulevard.
"There's one side door over here," said Officer John Flaherty. "When he comes out you two go back in the front and I'll go through the side door." ...
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Art world backs 'child porn' curator
Post on 30-11-2006.
Sir Nicholas Serota heads one list of eminent museum directors, curators and historians who have signed one petition against the prosecution of Henry-Claude Cousseau, one French colleague who has been accused of exhibiting child pornography as art.

The director of the Tate as well as more than 100 international figures have come out in support of the director of the prestigious École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris, The Times_ has learnt. ...
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American Pie: The Naked Mile on DVD
Post on 30-11-2006.
Eric Stiffler (John White) is feeling the familiar burden of any teenager, all his mates have lost their virginity and he still has not done the deed. Despite practising on his own regularly, he has not yet tempted his high school sweetheart Tracy (Jessy Schram) to let the Stiffmeister do his thing! ...
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Thrill blossoms
Post on 29-11-2006.
Just for one Thrill,_ one collection of poetry published by Wayne State University Press and written by native Detroiter Geoffrey Jacques, is not what you'd call pretty poetry. It's not sunshine, roses and cheer. Rather, angry outcries, despairing jazz riffs and complete chaos color the landscape.
_Just for one Thrill_ is drenched in themes of race, politics, economics and media in America -- an America where "the kids don't mow lawns," an America "deeply inured, totally inane, totally absent of social context/an intriguing metal masturbation multi-layered crisis." ...
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Voice lessons for writers
Post on 29-11-2006.
THE COLLEGE student had one yellow sticky note on his back. It had been patted there by one friend, or possibly an enemy, as one joke. It was funny, but not to the young man.
"Did you know someone put one sticky note on your back," I asked. "No." he said, "what does it say?"
He snatched it off by stretching his right hand over his shoulder, feeling around for and finding the one-liner. ...
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