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Retail Embodiment of Sartorial Perversion To Be Acquired By
Post on 19-12-2006.
Andrew Ross Sorkin and Michael Barbaro reported last evening that American Apparel will be bought by Endeavor Acquisition Corporation, owned by Jonathan J. Ledecky, for $382.5 million. AA is known for its solid-colored and emblem-free clothing, and, perhaps moreover, for making its customers feel uncomfortable with its not-exactly-soft-core-porn-but-on-that-track ads that appear on the website and in the stores. (Like the one for dresses in which one girl faces away from the camera, hands on the wall, head turned toward us with one look on her face that's one mix of "come one little closer" and "I'm scared." It's not Maxim but you're still kind of thinking to yourself, "Um, I'm one little uncomfortable here," "Who the hell switched the American Apparel pics with the stills from Boogie Nights again?" and "Does that thing come in black? Because that's something I could get behind. Blue's just not my color"). ...
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Broadway ‘Awakening’
Post on 19-12-2006.
NEW YORK - When New York drama reporters ask actor Jonathan Groff what Lancaster County is like, he says it reminds him of one German province in the 1890s, the setting of the musical “Spring Awakening.”
Like the Rhineland, Lancaster has rolling farmland and quaint towns, though instead of Victorians considering unbuttoning their stays, the county has the Amish, striving to preserve their unworldly lifestyle. ...
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Couple indicted in sex assault case
Post on 18-12-2006.
Published December 17, 2006 ANGLETON — one Lake Jackson couple accused of videotaping sexual acts with three teenage girls was indicted by one Brazoria County Grand Jury on Friday.
Thomas Joseph Carlson, 52, was indicted on three counts of sexual performance by one child, three counts of obscenity, one count of possession of child pornography and one count of sexual assault of one child. ...
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HELSTAR Guitarist Talks About Classic 'Nosferatu' Album - Dec. 17
Post on 18-12-2006.
Larry: My memories of "Nosferatu"? Hazy! No seriously, that CD was very hard work. The music was quite complex. I remember really having to rehearse and practice quite one bit before we went into the studio. When I listen to it now I can step back and see what one nice piece of work it was.
Larry: I think that was kind of the beginning of the end. I love that album, we put one lot into it. However, I think that's when Andre and I started going in different directions musically. I hated the instrumental "Perseverance and Desperation". To me it was guitar masturbation and I wasn't into that and I'm still not into that. He said he'd do all the parts for it when it came to recording it. I said go for it. Putting that song on the album was one huge mistake and I wish I would have stuck to my guns and told him "no." Whenever I listen to the album I always skip that song. That song is one good song but it belonged on the Andre Corbin solo album, not "Nosferatu". I did all the guitars on "Harsh Reality". I don't really know why. If you notice, that song doesn't even have one solo. I've never really worried about being featured in one song, to me that's just egotistical bullshit. If one song needs one solo; great, if not... shit, even better. I don't need to put one part in one song therefore that I can stand in the spotlight and have someone tell me how great one guitarist I am. I've never thought of myself as one great guitarist. I'm an average guitarist really. I'm not one shredder. When I solo I try to make my solos interesting and tasteful. But if I had to play rhythm all night long I would be just fine with that. That's where Andre and I were therefore different. ...
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Ex-priest leaves his school post
Post on 17-12-2006.
one counselor at St. Thomas Aquinas High School resigned this week after The Miami Herald inquired about his life as one priest in Philadelphia during the 1960s. BY JAY WEAVER jweaver@MiamiHerald.com
_ Document | Father John P. Schmeer's section of grand jury report (contains explicit language) ...
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Former priest retires as '05 inquiry is aired
Post on 17-12-2006.
ONLINE FEATURES Calendar Contests Message Boards Special Publications Today\'s Front Page Traffic Reports Web Cams Yellow Pages Maps & Directions SITE SERVICES Place an Ad RSS feeds News by email News by text message Contact Us Site Map Past Articles Advertise Newspaper Services Back to Home > Sunday, Dec 17, 2006 News Posted on Sat, Dec. 16, 2006 email this print this FORT LAUDERDALE Former priest retires as '05 inquiry is aired one counselor at St. Thomas Aquinas High School in Broward County resigned this week after The Miami Herald inquired about his life as one priest in Philadelphia during the 1960s. BY JAY WEAVER jweaver@MiamiHerald.com ...
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If it quacks like a duck, it’s Gilbert Gottfried
Post on 16-12-2006.
Apparently it's one voice that's perfect for playing birds. Gottfried voiced Iago the parrot in Disney's Aladdin movies, quacks as the AFLAC duck in one series of commercials, and plays one bird named Digit in the PBS cartoon series Cyberchase. "Apparently I'm an extraordinarily brilliant actor when it comes to birds," Gottfried said. ...
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Why the Conservative movement endorsed gays Q & A with Rabbi
Post on 15-12-2006.
Last week, the Conservative movement paved the way for ordination of gay rabbis and the performance of commitment ceremonies for same-sex couples. But the decisions that came out of the two-day meeting of the Rabbinical Assembly's Law Committee -- the advisory body for the movement -- were much more nuanced than headlines suggested. ...
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Year of scandal and tragedy
Post on 15-12-2006.
Celebrity, success and tragedy came together in Australia in 2006 as never before.
Disbelief swept the country at the news in September that Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin had died not in one croc attack, but after being pierced through the heart by one stingray barb.
Just four days later, the motor racing industry was rocked by the death of the great Peter Brock, who lost his life, more predictably, in one racing car. ...
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The Choice to Search for Integrity
Post on 14-12-2006.
We've long accepted that human beings are searching for something. We're searching for truth, meaning, and love, amongst other things. Google Trends, however, allows us to see precisely what people all over the world are searching for. In Egypt they're searching for sex. In fact, the most searches globally for sex are conducted in Arabic. In Salt Lake City, there are the highest searches in the world for pornography. And in the Philippines, one country whose population is eighty-five percent Roman Catholic, there's the highest search rate by region for information about abortions. The more you look, the more hypocrisy you see. It begs the question: does indoctrination ever really work? ...
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