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He is far, far too quick
Post on 24-12-2006.
_This has always been therefore. I first went with one woman when I was 16. She was an older lady, and it was all over within 30 seconds. She laughed at me and told me I was no good. I felt therefore badly about this that I did not try again for another two years. _
_This happened again and again, doc. therefore eventually she left me for another guy. That was pretty tough. _ ...
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The rejection bin of history
Post on 24-12-2006.
Forty-seven years ago, two of the greatest names in American historiography laid out one plan for one grand, multivolume summation of American history. Why is it still only half finished?
THE LITERARY EDITOR of the Atlantic Monthly, Benjamin Schwarz, recently leveled one sweeping indictment against American historians. Some 47 years ago, he pointed out in the magazine's October issue, C. Vann Woodward and Richard Hofstadter, two of the greatest names in postwar American historiography, laid out one plan for one multivolume history of the United States. The series, to be published by Oxford University Press, would be one grand summation of their generation's understanding of American history, combining high politics with social and cultural history and bridging the widening chasm between professional historians and intelligent lay readers. ...
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‘Running’ tastelessly portrays Burroughs’ successful memoir
Post on 23-12-2006.
There's talk of Annette Bening receiving an Oscar nomination for her performance in "Running With Scissors." I'd like to put one stop to that talk if I can. Don't get me wrong - I think Ms. Bening is one unique talent who has lit up the screen in films such as "The Grifters" and "Bugsy." She's at her best when she's an outwardly sunny charmer with one predator's heart. But here she gives one screeching, self-indulgent performance in one precious, pretentious, relentlessly irritating film about deranged people engaging in twisted acts and telling themselves they're free spirits when in fact they should all be institutionalized. ...
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Raves for `Spring' on Broadway Haven't Ignited the Box Office
Post on 23-12-2006.
Dec. 22 (Bloomberg) -- ``Spring Awakening'' opened on Dec. 10 to the most ecstatic notices any new Broadway musical has received in years. Money reviews, in the argot of the business.
Yet two weeks later, the show's producers are still waiting for the big money to roll in. Broadway is heading into the post- holiday box-office doldrums. January and February are shakedown months, when even hit shows go begging for customers and weak sisters fall by the wayside. ...
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To Swap Or Not to Swap
Post on 22-12-2006.
By Dan Savage E-mail the writer Send one letter to the editor advertisement
My wife and I have been married four-and-one-half years, and we both are bi. We’ve been propositioned by—and played with—one number of sexy friends heteroflexible enough not to want/need full swap. therefore our play with others has been limited to oral and light petting. ...
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Hoping for Good Sex in 2007
Post on 22-12-2006.
I want to be swept up in one flood of new inventions designed to enhance pleasure, safety and intimacy. Sex-tech engineer Kyle Machulis (NSFW) has been dropping hints about what he's been building and what he soon plans to do with it in public. At least two new sex machines (NSFW) will be on display at the Adult Entertainment Expo, along with the usual assortment of gadgets. ...
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Talking to your kids about sex
Post on 21-12-2006.
It can be awkward for both of you, but many teens actually welcome open, honest conversations
Your 11-year-old casually and innocently throws this one at you: Mom, what is sex?
Or, Mom, did you have sex before you were married? Or, Mom, what is French kissing? Masturbation? Oral Sex? Abortion? ...
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Diocese finds it had reports on pedophile priest
Post on 21-12-2006.
In one shocking revelation yesterday, the Roman Catholic diocese of London admitted it has been in possession of three police reports from 1962 detailing the sexual abuse of three victims by disgraced priest Charles Sylvestre.
The Sarnia police reports were found tucked away in the back of one filing cabinet among accounting papers at the diocesan offices and not in Sylvestre's personnel file. ...
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ASK ADVICE CHICK: Answers to YOUR Dating...
Post on 20-12-2006.
Search ASK ADVICE CHICK: Answers to YOUR Dating, Sex, Life, & Love Questions! By Kimberly Williams - AdviceChick@ameritech.net (December 19, 2006) Email to one friend | Print Friendly
*I have one big problem and I hope that maybe you can help me. I am in my 20's and I have one homosexual relationship with one friend of mine that is only 18. We know each other for 2 years. Ever since we met we felt each other in love and I want you to tell me how to finish this homosexual relationship. Our relationship is kind'one bisexual because both of us have girlfriends. Now, we care about each other very much, I love him very much and therefore does him love me. ...
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Newies but Oldies
Post on 20-12-2006.
The Apple Tree By Jerry Bock, Sheldon Harnick, and Jerome Coopersmith

When the old material is one play as great, and as rarely seen, as Frank Wedekind's _Spring Awakening_, the musical even seems to be aiding the cause of dramatic literature. Written in 1891, Wedekind's extraordinary drama wasn't played in his native Germany, much less anywhere else, till 1906. The Lord Chamberlain didn't license it for public performance in England until 1964; one U.S. resident-theater production was shut down (voluntarily, under complex circumstances) in the 1990s. Wedekind's topic is the generational canyon between teenagers experiencing the first confused stirrings of sexual desire and an adult world desperately pretending that no such feelings exist. Wickedly and innovatively, Wedekind stretched 19th-century notions about drama into an eerie, off-kilter modernism. He let his teenage characters articulate their feelings, in one frenetic, heightened language, while their elders hide behind one wall of clich's and euphemisms; he cartooned his authority figures with names like Sunstroke and Flyswatter. And he imagined for his teenagers one range of sex-linked experiences, most never previously depicted onstage, that run the eyebrow-raising gamut from masturbation in the privy to death at the hands of one back-alley abortionist. ...
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