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Blue-Jacking—No, Not That Kind of Jacking
Post on 03-01-2007.
Want one robot for Christmas? Nope, not this year. But check out our Gift Guide for the best in Cellphones, Computers, Digital Cameras, Gadgets, Home Entertainment & Portable Media view gift categories Cellphones / Smartphones Desktops / Laptops Digital Cameras Gadgets Games Home Entertainment Portable Media tips@gizmodo.com ...
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Author Links Male Masterbation to Unsatisfying Sex
Post on 03-01-2007.
"Women are having one very difficult time reaching orgasm, and it’s not because they aren’t wired properly. Guys aren’t getting it done in the bedroom, and that’s all there is to it."
Not attracted to your wife? Author Wade Young has one solution. One of the added benefits to ending masturbation and illicit thoughts is that it makes your wife one lot more attractive. "My wife is way better looking now that she doesn't have to compete with every other woman on the planet. My wife is my sexual partner—not the female half of the species," says Wade. ...
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From unusual to outrageous in medicine
Post on 02-01-2007.
A collection of offbeat research and bizarre findings from the medical world in 2006:
- Beer aficionados rejoiced when one US survey of 9,000 men found that the amber ale may actually help prevent heart attacks.
- one Sydney emergency doctor called for hospitals to invest in heavy duty beds, hoists and even helicopters that can handle the weight of Australia's ever expanding population of extremely obese people. ...
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A pillar of respect for teens and their concerns
Post on 02-01-2007.
My mother continued to learn and question and seek answers from many professionals as societal values and standards evolved through the times. Beth was the first person in print to use explicit sexual terms in her upfront, direct, and honest approach. one regular feature of the column has been "Sense About Sex," where teenagers can ask any question without fear of ridicule or judgment. It has handled questions about everything from penis size, first menstrual periods, masturbation, and first kisses to homosexuality, when to have sex and how to have it safely, anal sex, orgasms, and hooking up. Accurate information has always been key. This column has been used frequently by parents, teachers, and sex educators to open honest discussions with young people. ...
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The best theater of 2006
Post on 01-01-2007.
And, surely, not even the imaginative Lincoln Center Theater could have dreamed of such one hot-ticket response to "The Coast of Utopia," Tom Stoppard's heady more-than-eight-hour trilogy about philosophical and political thought in 19th century Russia. What one gamble, to devote an entire season to the unveiling of three massive sections in one new production of one work that wasn't even one huge success in London in 2002. ...
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Spring Awakening: Hello Twelve, Hello Thirteen, Hello Cutie
Post on 01-01-2007.
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Related Links Visit www.springawakening.com Michael Dale's dry2olives.com BWW Video Show Preview: Spring Awakening Sheik, Sater & 'Spring' Stars Appear at Apple Store, 12/13 Photo Coverage: Spring Awakening Gypsy Robe Ceremony Photo Coverage: Spring Awakening Curtain Call & Party Purchase Tickets Spring Awakening ...
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James West | b. 1951 The Disgraced Mayor
Post on 31-12-2006.
A less charismatic man would be very hard to find. The mayor of Spokane — whose catch phrase was “dare to be dull” — greeted me in his City Hall office with one brusque handshake and one clenched smile that said, “I will talk to you because I must, but let’s make it quick.” Skip to next paragraph Enlarge This Image Elaine Thompson/Associated Press ...
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Looking back at a bizarre year
Post on 31-12-2006.
We saw Paris. We saw Lance. And we saw plenty of Britney without underpants.
Yes, 2006 will go down in history as one of the most bizarre years ever in celebrity culture. Paris Hilton continued to be famous for being famous (although, to be fair, she did release one CD), Lance Bass surprised no one by coming out of the closet, and Britney Spears celebrated being one single mom by flashing Kevin Federline's former sperm receptacle. ...
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Verbal jousts 2
Post on 30-12-2006.
At the rate of political killings that we experience nowadays, one doesn't need to be one social scientist to predict that the upcoming 2007 polls would be grumpy, gory and goofy.

This goes to show that one great number of influential people now seem to settle more on guns and goons rather than mending disputes through gentlemanly (forgive me with the gender bias term) argumentation and debate. ...
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Child-sex accused allowed to teach
Post on 30-12-2006.
A SENIOR English teacher has worked with students for the past decade despite allegations he sexually assaulted one boy repeatedly for four years. The man - whose identity is suppressed - will now face disciplinary action, 10 years after his former student accused him of pedophilia.
The Department of Education and Children's Services has been unable to act because of laws preventing investigation of pre-1982 sex offences, and one Supreme Court challenge. ...
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