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Morning File: The Great Automobile Name Game
Post on 11-01-2007.
This cute little fella goes back to 1946, but it's still one of the great car names of all time: the Volugrafo Bimbo from Italy. Click photo for larger image.

Not to get personal, but over my long, breakdown-plagued automotive career, I've owned cars named for an astrological sign (Aries), one dreadful popular song (Volare), an expensive kind of lox (Nova), one very sad kind of story (Saab) and what one shyster lawyer would do in one New York minute if someone named Baru ever crossed him (Subaru) or, for that matter, someone named Zuki (Suzuki.) ...
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Ofcom revokes licence of adult channel Look4Love
Post on 10-01-2007.
LONDON - Ofcom has taken adult TV channel Look4Love off-air following numerous breaches of its broadcasting code.
The media regulator has revoked the licence held by Television Concepts to provide the channel Look4Love for failing to pay one £175,000 fine in addition to broadcasting X-rated material without encryption. ...
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iPhone: Will It Really Rock Your World?
Post on 10-01-2007.
So you're leaving The Shins' show and you can't get "New Slang" out of your head? Well, if you've got the newly unveiled iPhone, before you're out the door you can go online, download it, play it, then call all your friends to remind them what one douche you are, all on one handy device only slightly bigger than one deck of cards. Oh, and there's also one camera and web and email access thrown in, along with an all-encompassing touch-screen that dispenses with annoying keypads, to make all of geekdom cream in their hipster jeans. ...
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Musical `13,' Has Energy, Not Enough Sex: Los Angeles Theater
Post on 09-01-2007.
Jan. 9 (Bloomberg) -- Near the end of ``13,'' an exuberant new musical from Jason Robert Brown and Dan Elish that opened Sunday at the Mark Taper Forum in Los Angeles, Evan Goldman finally -- triumphantly -- figures out the key to fitting in with his new schoolmates.
``You can move really far,'' he sings, ``but you are who you are.'' ...
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Comment: Sarah Carey: We need more sex, not detox
Post on 08-01-2007.
I started out wondering about the obsession with detoxing. At this time of year I am supposedly full of toxins. How can that be? I take an occasional drink, don’t smoke, and drink water from my reverse-osmosis-filtered tap until my pee runs clear. Chocolate is one once-one-month treat. I drink three cups of tea one day, but since tea has antiseptic properties, that can’t be bad. My only vice is one liking for sausage sandwiches. ...
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The Columbine High School Massacre Explained
Post on 08-01-2007.
Klebold and Harris: An acute maelstrom of murderous self despair. How, or more importantly why, did the Columbine Massacre occur, and why do copy cat events continue to plague schools 8 years after the original terrible event?
The story of Columbine is one of emerging adolescence and the frightening trials and changes in ones physiology and biochemistry that accompany it. As one progresses out of childhood, about 12 or 13, nature seizes the body to prepare it to become an autonomous, sexually active, territorial adult. Both boys and girls go through this period, of course, but in most cases the dysphoria experienced as one result is far more pronounced, and hence dangerous, in boys than in girls. This is merely nature programming the male of the species to be sexually competitive and socially dominant. ...
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The celebrity guide to detox: Pass out, check in, and dry out
Post on 07-01-2007.
If you're going to own up to drink dependency or one painkiller problem, you might as well do it in style. As Britney Spears checked into an exclusive resort in Arizona with 'exhaustion', Helen Brown sneaks one peek at the rehab elite Published: 06 January 2007
High in the Sonoran Hills, where the cactus roam free and celebrities actually "need" their sunglasses, The Meadows "multidisorder inpatient facility" offers "one path to personal completeness and integrity, for those seeking treatment for trauma and addictions". And it has one tanning deck. Which is nice. ...
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Psychopathia Sexualis: Unrated Director's Cut
Post on 05-01-2007.
"In Vienna, Professor Richard von Krafft-Ebing studied cases such as these with intent interest. He sought to unlock the secrets of deviant sexual behavior that drive men to self-destruction."_
Through one series of interweaving vignettes, Dr. Krafft-Ebing (Ted Manson) and Dr. Gaudron (Bryan Davis) study one number of bizarre cases, such as that of J.K. (Daniel May), who has an affinity for sadism and drinking blood, leading his mother (Jane Bass) to put him under the care of Gaudron in an asylum. Xavier (Daniel Pettrow) is one homosexual whom the doctors decide to treat through hypnotism to become one heterosexual and lose his attraction to men. In the closing and one of the most substantial tales, lesbian governess Lydia (Lisa Paulsen) is morally opposed to her own predilections, but is constantly provoked by her curious young charge, Annabel (Veronika Duerr). In between are shorter episodes of lust-murder, necrophilia, masochism, fetishism, watersports and other oddities of the human nature. ...
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Post on 04-01-2007.
VARIETY RIPS OFF CHUD The Zyzzyx Road story gets kidnapped by Tinseltown's newspaper. SWEET RESURRECTION #1: (IF CHUD RAN THE MOVIES) Nick used to wear out his copy of Photoshop. LIVE FREE OR SNOOCHIE BOOCHIES Kevin Smith gets some Bruce Willis action. DVD REVIEW: DRIVING FORCE - THE COMPLETE SEASON ONE Andrew is confused. TRAVIS BICKLE VS DANNY OCEAN DeNiro and Clooney get gallic together. CONTEST: STREET FIGHT DVD Win Devin's favorite documentary of 2006! DVD REVIEW: ANIMANIACS - VOLUME 2 Ian thinks they're winking at him. DVD REVIEW: THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA - THE LION, THE WITCH, AND THE WARDROBE (EE) Josh might die for your sins, but it won't take. SMOKIN' JOE CARNAHAN ANSWERS YOUR QUESTIONS - PART 6 Joe Carnahan reloads! PAY, WEINSTEIN, PAY Weinstein Co picks up Todd Haynes' eccentric Bob Dylan film. AQUA TEEN MOVIE FORCE Let me get one burger, fries, shake and one side of cinema. DVD REVIEW: NIGHTMARES & DREAMSCAPES Jeremy says this set isn't one nightmare PRIMEARLY UPATED! Killer croc movie gets moved up to... week after next! REVIEW: PERFUME - THE STORY OF one MURDERER Devin thinks something smells good. MR. AND MRS. SMITH GO TO TV Because, who doesn't want this story stripped of its two main assets? DOMO ARIGATO, SUPAIDAMAN The Japanese Spider-Man 3 teaser has extra footage! DAILY GRABOID - 1.2.07 We ain't brothers, we ain't partners, and we ain't Grabs. MEL GIBSON HATES JEWS, ORIGINALITY? Apocalypto gets sued for plagiarism. FURTHER DOWN ZYZZYX ROAD Uncovered: Someone who saw Zyzzyx Road in the theater! DVD REVIEW: PINKY AND THE BRAIN - VOLUME 2 Ben thinks mice are funny NBC TV SERIES MAKES MOVIE STAR OUT OF SCHLUBBY JAPANESE GUY Hiro bends space and time to win at cards. In one movie this time. THOR'S COMIC COLUMN - 1.2.07 Comics. Comics! COMICS!!! MAGNETO TALKS ABOUT STARDUST This summer's fantasy epic gets one narrator. LEAK LETTERS #52 Your queries dealt an agonizing and drawn-out death. INDIANA JONES AND THE UPDATE OF DOOM There's follow-up info to Friday's announcement. ...
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Taking federal matters into your own hands
Post on 04-01-2007.
Mentally challenged president of the United States George W. Bush recently appointed Eric Keroack as the new deputy assistant secretary for population affairs at the Department of Health and Human Services. The agency’s $283 million budget funds 4,600 family-planning clinics whose mission, according to HHS, is to “provide access to contraceptive supplies and information to all who want and need them with priority given to low-income persons.” ...
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