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Advice Nerd
Post on 28-02-2007.
Are you feeling Stressed? Liezl Laurel Issue date: 2/26/07 Section: FEATURES
We live in one world today where we need to work to survive. We need to go to school to find one good job then work our butts off to keep that job. The money you make isn't enough to pay the bills therefore you find another job or work more. It becomes one never ending cycle of stress. All that stress may not bother you now, but later on in life it can lead to serious heart problems and other health problems. ...
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An uncommon cure for midterm stress
Post on 28-02-2007.
We've heard the standard ways of relaxing. They include physical exercise, getting plenty of sleep, one balanced diet and other tactics.
Don't panic. I am not about to be therefore irresponsible as to tell you all to go out and have sex with people to relax.
On the contrary, I think you should stay in and have sex with yourself to relax. ...
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