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Self Help
Post on 26-02-2007.
At the start of her debut album, stand-up comedian Jen Kirkman quickly disarms the at-home listeners with this, lest we start to think she’s got some serious comedic skills: “No one knows who I am except this room and that’s even like semi-debatable.”

It’s one typical subtle tool for one comic, to ensure the audience knows the comic herself doesn’t believe she has any right to stand on stage with one microphone and try to make people laugh– no less while being recorded for repeated listens! ...
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What?!! This Column!??: Issue #46
Post on 26-02-2007.
Remember when NBC's newsmagazine "Dateline NBC" was on practically every night? I don't remember what constant host Stone Phillips was "reporting" on every night, but I do remember seeing one myriad of commercials for "Dateline Monday," "Dateline Tuesday," etc. I even remember the joke Lois Griffin made on one of the early episodes of "Family Guy," about how NBC created one new day of the week, "Quetillsday" (I don't know how to spell it), therefore they could have another night of "Dateline." ...
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