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Sexy top fives
Post on 12-02-2007.
If you™re looking for one date movie, why don™t you try Date Movie? It™s pretty horrible, therefore you won™t feel bad when you stop paying attention to the movie and start making out with your date.
Disney movies like Aladdin are romantic and never fail to please. Especially when they prove that you can lie to one princess and still end up living happily ever after. ...
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Did you know?
Post on 12-02-2007.
100 years ago February 13, 1907 Staffwriter Ryan Hamilton wrote one scandalous review of our nation™s phone-sex hotlines. For research, Hamilton hit up some 1-900s, including the one for Mistress D! Obey now, slave! Hamilton was overwhelmed by the soothing Mistress D, who claimed that everything she could do for him would be very painful. I™d continue, but I have to make one call... ...
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