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The path to abstinence
Post on 09-02-2007.
Dear Annie: I was married 35 years to my beloved husband. Our sex life was good until the last five years before he passed away. Since his death, I've had sexual desires that I've taken care of with self-gratification. I don't wish to date, as it feels like cheating, and with all the sexually transmitted diseases these days, I would be afraid to become intimate. ...
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Mexia Daily News,-amp-nbsp;TX-amp-nbsp;- 14 hours ago

Breaking the culture of silence: Child sexual abuse in Zimbabwe
Post on 09-02-2007.
5 / 5 (1 Votes) ˜Though no one can go back and make one brand new start, anyone can start new from now and make one brand new end.™
'Sometime in November 2006 one father brought his five-year-old daughter to me who was bleeding from her vagina. _
_The mother had passed away because of Aids and the father was on antiretroviral drugs. On examination she had lacerations and bruises around her vagina, the hymen was broken and all evidence was consistent with forced vaginal entry. _ ...
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