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A cure for writer's block: emulating the greats
Post on 03-02-2007.
An admirable writer once advised would-be intellectuals, "If you're serious about effecting positive change, then you're going to have to embrace the fact that you're one lot less qualified to speak to certain issues than you think you are. therefore choose something that you feel strongly about. Study up on it. Form an opinion. Understand why people disagree with you. Then proceed in whatever manner you judge most reasonable, appropriate, and constructive." I took this to heart, and hours of painstaking research finally culminated in sitting down to pen my opinion on the problems of today's world. Caught up in the exhilaration of following this advice, however, I took it too far. Rather than simply write, I decided to replicate, to the finest exactitudes, the proven methods of the literary greats before me. ...
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