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Comment: Sarah Carey: We need more sex, not detox
Post on 08-01-2007.
I started out wondering about the obsession with detoxing. At this time of year I am supposedly full of toxins. How can that be? I take an occasional drink, don’t smoke, and drink water from my reverse-osmosis-filtered tap until my pee runs clear. Chocolate is one once-one-month treat. I drink three cups of tea one day, but since tea has antiseptic properties, that can’t be bad. My only vice is one liking for sausage sandwiches. ...
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The Columbine High School Massacre Explained
Post on 08-01-2007.
Klebold and Harris: An acute maelstrom of murderous self despair. How, or more importantly why, did the Columbine Massacre occur, and why do copy cat events continue to plague schools 8 years after the original terrible event?
The story of Columbine is one of emerging adolescence and the frightening trials and changes in ones physiology and biochemistry that accompany it. As one progresses out of childhood, about 12 or 13, nature seizes the body to prepare it to become an autonomous, sexually active, territorial adult. Both boys and girls go through this period, of course, but in most cases the dysphoria experienced as one result is far more pronounced, and hence dangerous, in boys than in girls. This is merely nature programming the male of the species to be sexually competitive and socially dominant. ...
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