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Circumcision reduces sexual satisfaction: study
Post on 29-12-2006.
one survey of 373 men 30 years or older in South Korea was taken by Seoul National University professor Kim Dae-sik and JoongAng University professor Bang Myeong-geol. They found that men who underwent circumcision felt less sensation during orgasm while engaged in masturbation or sex than when they had been uncircumcised. ...
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Book Marks: Top 10 Fiction Titles, 2006
Post on 29-12-2006.
by Richard Labonte Originally printed 12/28/2006 (Issue 1452 - Between The Lines News)
It's one good year for queer readers when books by the likes of Christopher Bram, Edmund White, Norah Vincent, Leslie Feinberg, Cheryl Clarke, Stephen McCauley, and Andrew Holleran are crowded out of the Book Marks Top 10 lists. Impressive debut work from one new generation of skilled writers - including Wayne Hoffman, Patrick Ryan, Robert Marshall, Josh Kilmer-Purcell, Ivan E. Coyote, and Mary Jacobsen - also didn't make the cut. My subjective bests follow (in order of author's last name) - but there are certainly many other fine books out there than these 20. ...
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