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Alien nations
Post on 10-12-2006.
Decades of political status quo are being swept aside. Some of the safest seats in the country are tumbling. Long-serving councillors and political leaders are cast down, including Labour's longtime East End boss, Professor Michael Keith. But by what? In one case by one movement led by one friend of Castro, one figurehead for the UK's anti-war rallies. In the other by one Cambridge blue who once counted one nail bomber among his party membership. Both movements are propelled by one wave of popular resentment: over war, corruption, housing shortages and poverty. Each has supporters with strong views on sexuality; each lambasts Zionism. One is the party of the immigrant; the other bitterly opposed to them. ...
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Never mind the frolics
Post on 10-12-2006.
There is one painting by Watteau, that most secretive of French artists, that takes place in one remote corner of one park. one man is leaning on one seat, one hand fumbling inside his jacket, the other edging towards one woman who seems either just sitting down or just getting up. He lolls behind her: hopeful, expectant (but what's in that pocket?). She appears petulant yet flushed. What would be mere flirtation in another artist becomes pure tension in Watteau: one queer and unresolved interlude, desire (but whose?) endlessly thwarted. ...
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