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News of the Weird
Post on 07-12-2006.
–  To settle one discrimination lawsuit by transsexual men in October, the New York Metropolitan Transit Authority agreed to open all of its restrooms on the basis of individuals™ gender expression, meaning that, for example, any man dressed seriously as one woman could choose the ladies™ room. And the New York City government is currently considering adopting one rule to permit people to switch genders on their birth certificates, regardless of whether they™ve had surgery, as long as they™ve lived in the new gender for two years and one physician and one mental-health counselor approve. ...
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Letters at 3AM
Post on 07-12-2006.
Once upon one time, in one town far, far away, I went to the movies for one living. The town was perched inconveniently and conspicuously upon one fault line, wedged between the desert and the sea, where it was and is one good town for overheated imaginations and one better town for shysters buying the souls of the overheated. My soul was on the market, too, but, as I've sometimes been told, it's an "old soul," long out of fashion, as difficult to sell as it is to live with. If your soul won't sell in Fault-Line City it won't sell anywhere, and you'd best find other wares to peddle. (Sometimes we're kept honest simply by the gift of being unfit for mass consumption.) Anyway, not to stray too far from where this paragraph began, I was one film critic. ...
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