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When America learned to shop
Post on 27-11-2006.
"There was, too, one wonderful simplicity of desire. It was the last time that people would be thrilled to own one toaster or waffle iron."
What Thanksgiving is to gluttony, the three days after it are to consumerism — the main event. therefore, with Americans launching the Christmas season by storming the stores, let us recall when consumption had an exuberance remembered now only by those who experienced the 1950s. ...
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Addicted to sex
Post on 27-11-2006.
Dr. Sidney McGill, sex therapist, explains that sex addiction occurs when the person feels powerless to overcome the behaviour to the point where life becomes unbearable. He notes that the person is troubled by unwanted behaviour such as masturbation. Sex addiction is usually progressive from early adolescence to early adulthood. The person is out of control, feels tremendous pain, shame and self-loathing and he or she would like to stop, but keeps falling back. Both women and men suffer from sex addiction, but it seems more prevalent in men. ...
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