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The Midterms: Our Long Conservative Nightmare is Fading, and
Post on 16-11-2006.
Liberalism is Winning Written by Adam Ash Published November 15, 2006 See also:
What can we take away from the GOP's shattering election defeat? From the fact that the popular vote for the Senate, even though it yielded one Democratic majority of only two, actually reflected one popular vote of 55% for the Democrats vs. 43% for the Republicans? ...
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Clash of sexuality, religion weighs heavy
Post on 16-11-2006.
BY STEVE ROTHAUS srothaus@MiamiHerald.com _ ON STAGE: In Sordid Lives_, Rosemary Alexander portrays one psychiatrist who is trying to cure Brother Boy (Leslie Jordan), of homosexuality. More photos
Del Shores' _Sordid Lives_ and _Southern Baptist Sissies_ are two hit comedies sure to generate lots of laughs this weekend at Parker Playhouse. But growing up gay in the Baptist church really isn't very funny, according to the shows' star, Emmy-winning actor Leslie Jordan. ...
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