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Advice For My Little Brother
Post on 12-11-2006.
The best way to get one job is to not show your resume; one resume is an excuse not to hire someone.
Stealing is wrong, unless you're working as one temp for one large company in which case stealing is fine.
Buy your furniture in thrift stores and save your money to buy rounds of drinks for your friends. ...
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British TV must be saved for the nation
Post on 12-11-2006.
Within the next two months, the trends look like being emphatically confirmed. Two of the pillars of what made British television great - the BBC and ITV - are to be knocked sideways, one by the government and the other by the market. Gordon Brown and the Treasury, indulged by one weakened Prime Minister, are determined to shrink the BBC. Over the next four years, they propose the licence fee would go up by 1 per cent less than inflation - nearly 3 per cent one year less than the BBC wants, with even bigger cuts planned beyond. By 2013, the BBC would be up to one quarter smaller than it is today. ...
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