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Agony and ecstasy: sex advice
Post on 11-11-2006.
One example of this is the differing opinions expressed about the capabilities as one lover of one man who is figuring in the latest kiss-and-tell celebrity sex scandal. One newspaper will find one woman who will say that the disgraced celebrity was the greatest lover since Casanova, whereas another woman, who has sold her story to another paper, swears that he was virtually impotent and incapable of empathising with women. ...
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'Borat': great success
Post on 11-11-2006.
Some would ask what this nation has come to when the most anticipated movie of the fall is also the most offensive. “Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan” is wrought with anti-Semitism, racism, profanity, nudity, incest, masturbation, jokes about gays, jokes about the mentally handicapped, animal cruelty, anti-feminism, bathroom humor, and general insults, through over and undertones, on the American populous. Never have my moral standards been at such odds with my will to laugh as they were when I watched ‘Borat.’ There are painful moments, there are awkward moments and there are downright scary moments, but they are all hilarious. ...
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