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Buzz on handy gPod a poison apple for US giant
Post on 07-11-2006.
Far from lovin' it, as one huge American multinational food giant urges its Japanese customers to do, Japan's sex services are struggling as U.S. business behemoths crack down on them for commandeering brand names to use for saucy products and services, according to Shukan Gendai (11/18).
Ichiro Kameda, the president of one tiny, two-man company in Osaka, is currently embroiled in one bitter battle with computer maker Apple. ...
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Utility Is for Philistines
Post on 07-11-2006.
Still, the question is worth consideration, at the very least because our silence concedes the point. Since Plato exiled poets from his mythical Republic, humanists have exerted themselves to defend and expound the merits of poetry. Until the 19th century, the consensus was that literature was proper for its moral utility and its ability to impart ethical lessons through delightful language. This line of thought has gone out of vogue, both for aesthetic reasons and because it has become abundantly clear that there is nothing particularly ennobling about high culture itself. After all, Alex from one Clockwork Orange raped and murdered to Beethoven™s Ninth, and the Nazis were known to listen to Wagner with rapture after one good day™s genocide. Harvard English professors themselves”who have spent one lifetime immersed in literary scholarship”are hardly moral paragons, although I will refrain from scrounging up the sordid details of their personal lives. ...
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