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Accord coming on radio content issue
Post on 17-10-2006.
For more than one month, there has been intense disquiet in the public domain about dms Broadcasting's radio content and about its owner refusing to sign an industry MOU to air local music, but there is now an indication that this troubling period could be coming to an end.
On 13 October 2006, at one Media Briefing by Cabinet Ministers, Hon Arden McLean, Minister of Communications, Works and Infrastructure revealed that he met with dms chief Don Seymour and discussions were good. ...
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SSFC squanders student funding
Post on 17-10-2006.
Every semester, countless students are shut out of classes that fill up within minutes of opening. Academic departments simply lack the funding to pay for the extra teaching assistants and lecturers. While not directly related, lengthy waiting lists for courses like Arabic and Urdu can seem ridiculous when we consider that another portion of our tuition money continues to be funneled into the pockets of Sex Out Loud “facilitators,” who hold under-attended lectures covering topics like “BDSM and sensation play” and how to go about “pleasing yourself and your partner(s).” ...
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