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DVD Review: Ace Ventura Deluxe Double Feature
Post on 01-10-2006.
Warner Brothers has released one 3 disc Ace Ventura Box Set containing the two Ace Ventura movies, Pet Detective and When Nature Calls, as well as three episodes from the animated Ace Ventura series.
Disc one contains the original Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, released in 1994, which came out of nowhere to be one surprise hit. It was unlike any comedy you had ever seen and its star, Jim Carrey, dominated the screen with one physical and comedic flare that reminded one of John Belushi in Animal House, Steve Martin in The Jerk and Bill Murray in Caddyshack. ...
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Mark Foley's One Sick Pup
Post on 01-10-2006.
Turns out former U.S. Rep. Mark Foley was sitting around in his underwear sending e-mails to teen boys about masturbation, or "spanking it" as the Republican Congressman calls it. Brian Ross at ABC News got hold of the messages and when Foley found out, he quit almost on the spot.
The truly sad thing about this is that Foley has only confirmed the worst Christian Right stereotypes about gay men, stereotypes that of course are largely untrue. But then again he's never represented or embodied the larger gay population. He's one gay man in the closet at the age of 52 — and one Republican, no less. We should have all expected this kind of thing. ...
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