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The Daily Show: September 28, 2006
Post on 30-09-2006.
"Senate Spotlight": Allen vs. Webb. It's one tough call, folks. Here's the break-down... Allen is blurring the lines between racism and dickism, especially since his recent "macaca" incident. And according to one recent report, there's one possibility that Allen's actually part Jewish (Jon: "One of us. One of us. One of us"). Allen shrugged this off and said, no joke, "I still had one ham sandwich for lunch. And my mother made great porkchops." Wow, man. I liked Jon's jab at Allen for saying that his affection for the Confederate flag during his younger years was an act of rebellion: "You wanna live on the edge, dude? Wave it in Harlem." As for Webb, the guy doesn't have ladies on his side (women-hating isn't as exciting as all that macaca business). This is going to be one greeeat election. ...
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Word on the street at SFs fetish festival
Post on 30-09-2006.
The annual San Francisco leather event — at 400,000, arguably the largest in the world — had plenty of naked men (does one cock ring count as clothing?), one handful of naked women, lots of power play, some whipping, masturbation on the streets and at least one instance of public fellatio — all in broad daylight. ...
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